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Lana Ivanov, Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Formulator: “I Have a Solution to Transform and Provide Healthier Skin for Everyone!”

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Lana Ivanov believes that “skincare is an art that blends the forces of nature and science together.” The master medical aesthetician and skincare revolutionist has been serving clients in the industry for over a decade. But being the innovator that she is, Lana realized that her clients deserve better products. Finally, she launched her skincare brand Vonavi Pro Skin Care, revolutionizing the beauty and lifestyle scene with a cutting-edge formulation. 

Lana Ivanov is known as an expert formulator in her field. Over the years, she has worked with clients from all walks of life with various skin types and concerts. It has always been her passion to inspire and empower people to feel confident through skincare. Digging deeper beneath the surface, Lana strives to target her clients’ problems at the root but realized that there were no products in the market capable of doing so or achieving long-term results.

So Lana Ivanov took it upon herself to develop a line of products that would be powerful enough to target pervasive skin problems without causing irritation, sensitivity, breakouts, or allergic reactions. Hence, Vonavi Pro Skin Care came into fruition in 2020, addressing the need in the market for competent products that would be gentle enough not to cause adverse reactions and be suitable for any skin type or age. 

After two years of experimentation, Lana Ivanov finally achieved the perfect formulations that would eclipse other competitors in the market. Vonavi Pro Skin Care is truly redefining skincare solutions, bringing dramatic and evidence-based results. The skincare line has brought healthier and younger-looking skin to its customers, regardless of their skin condition.

“Your healthy skin is our vision,” said Lana Ivanov. “Vonavi’s vision is centered around skin health that yields long-term beauty. For Vonavi, skin radiance begins with skin health and fitness; the healthier one’s skin is, the more beautiful and luminous it becomes,” she added. The aesthetician aimed to create an all-natural, paraben-free, and cruelty-free product that would encourage her customers to step away from foundations or concealers. Instead, Vonavi helps them achieve their best skin, embrace authenticity, and appear flawlessly unfiltered every day. 

Lana Ivanov believes that there’s a better way to look and feel beautiful without relying on band-aid solutions. “Concentrated formulations calm, stabilize, fortify, and boorish the skin for younger-looking, plumped, and hydrated skin. Vonavi’s precisely formulated skincare solutions clarify pervasive skin problems, including acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, aging or wrinkles, eczema, and rosacea,” shared Lana. 

Additionally, Lana Ivanov shared that her company prides itself on adhering to all GMP standards, never using animal testing, and creating a safe skin care line for everyone. Vonavi collects botanical ingredients, free from harsh chemicals that often cause breakouts because the founder firmly believes that her customers deserve nothing but the best quality ingredients from nature. Equipped with poly-pore technology, Vonavi reaps advanced efficacy for all skin types. 

Asked where she sees Vonavi Pro Skin Care in the five years, Lana Ivanov proudly shared that she wants her products to reach the global market and help more people, dermatologists, medical practitioners, spas, and aestheticians achieve unparalleled results. 

To learn more about Lana Ivanov and Vonavi Pro Skin Care, visit their website.