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Kyriaki Chonacas Breaks Barriers Through the Sophisticated Psychos Content

Kyriaki Chonacas, one of the personalities in the emerging group known as The Sophisticated Psychos, is opening the eyes of her audience to real-life situations, including circumstances that affect women. The gifted seasoned artist and comedian, who has been in the industry for two decades, is breaking down barriers that make many people indifferent to the sad plight of many women around the world today. As a woman who has survived harrowing and traumatic experiences in the past, she is speaking boldly today and aims to promote kindness and compassion in the process of doing so. 

Determined to leave a mark in the world, Kyriaki Chonacas – born Katie Elizabeth Chonacas – released her first solo EP last October 20, titled Hypnotic Energy, in collaboration with Subtle Energy. Nicky Scorpio duo in The Sophisticated Psychos mixed and mastered the Hypnotic Energy EP which is now available on all major streaming platforms, the electronic beats used in the EP are encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies that promote forgiveness and stimulate the higher heart chakra.  

“I not only made beats that inspired me from my childhood roots of growing up in the Detroit electronic underground music scene, but lifted it to support and shape shift myself and other humans that I care for which is not only the people I know personally, not only the people I may meet tomorrow but for all that I have not yet met and especially for all those whom I may never meet in this lifetime,” The Sophisticated Psychos member explains. 

As a Greek DJ from Detroit, Chonacas has been strongly influenced by Motown, having grown up in a family setting that appreciated this kind of legendary soulful music. As a DJ, Kyriaki is best known for her positivity and on-air vibe that inspires and energizes people. Hypnotic Energy EP is a bold step from what she has been used to doing all these years, but she believes it is high time to bombard the airwaves with supportive and phenomenal creations. 

Kyriaki Chonacas has big dreams ahead of her as she envisions a quiet and productive life in Bali, Indonesia, in the near future where she hopes to one day raise a family, raising her future children with the proper morals, ethics and values. When it comes to her career, she sees herself becoming a household name in the next few years, speaking in front of massive audiences, exploring kindness, compassion, and the arts as her language. Chonacas is committed to hone her craft and continue to create content that will have a huge uplifting impact on her audience, those that will unceasingly break barriers, empower people to see and feel the light in a season of darkness, and bring people together in healthy love and harmony. 

Chonacas also sees The Sophisticated Psychos production team continue becoming household names in voiceovers, making and acting in feature films, continuing its web series Couples Therapy full episodes now available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel, digital content that is designed to inspire and entertain viewers. Chonacas also aspires to make She’s All Over the Place Podcast one of the country’s leading productions. As Chonacas sets her eyes on making a difference in the lives of countless people who need hope and inspiration to move forward, Chonacas is influencing the next generation of artists and empaths to contribute significantly in making the world a safe and loving place to be in. 

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