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Kristian Duncan on Being a Beacon of Peace Through His Music

People can gain recognition for lots of different things. Some are recognized for their skill and brilliance, while others are hailed for their service and leadership. And for Kristian Duncan, it was his burning passion and remarkable advocacy that earned him his sterling reputation. 

The music industry is known for brimming with talented and creative individuals. However, Kristian Duncan has been out and about proving that there is more to him than just being another gem in the market. True enough, this exceptional artist uses his craft to give hope and bring peace to those who are stuck in the dark. 

At a young age, Kristian found his unique voice while singing in church. Inspired by watching Bobby Jones’ gospel program on BET, he decided to join the church choir. But aside from having this as a source of influence, he also listened to a lot of 80’s and 90’s artists—New Edition, Ready For The World, H-Town, Jon B, Jodeci, and Keith Sweat, just to name a few. 

Kristian’s early years in the industry turned out to be a formative experience. Although he started performing in a group, he realized that things would be better off if he worked alone. Thus, he took off and stayed behind the scenes in music. As such, he juggled between booking shows for artists and promoting nightclubs. He has even provided radio promotion for well-renowned artists like Soul For Real, H-Town, Jon B, CeCe Peniston, and Troy Ave.

After laying low for quite some time, Kristian felt the need to record and create music again. Today, Kristian wishes to share his works with the world through different media platforms and inspire the new generation with the knowledge that he has gained over the years. And as of the moment, he is working independently through his own label, Duncan Group. 

Now that he is back on the scene, Kristian Duncan has released his debut single, “Success,” and another single, “Andale.” “Success” means a lot to the artist because it is a recollection of everything that he has been through. The song is about how he overcame his struggles and how God blessed him with an angel, Sharon, as well as a wonderful family and kids. 

More than just an outstanding artist, Kristian Duncan is a beacon of positivity and strength as well. And for this reason, his fans look up to him not only for his music but also for the way he sparks joy and ignites inspiration in the lives of many. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of these challenging times, Kristian Duncan has been committing himself to uplift those who have been feeling down in the dumps. The R&B artist has shown everyone that the key to making the world a better place is by helping one another. Indeed, nothing brings peace and harmony more than the sense of community and compassion. 

With the talent that impresses and the heart that serves, Kristian Duncan is truly someone to look out for. The musical phenomenon cannot have used his voice for a better and more beautiful purpose than spreading love and cheer across the globe. 

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