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Krista Howard Welcomes Affordable Beauty Into Homes

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

It takes a substantial amount of time deciding what look should grace one’s house and what should not. This creative thought process takes longer when having to think about financial capabilities. Based in Colorado, Krista Howard helps people achieve beautiful home designs without breaking the bank.

Krista Howard is a well-loved do-it-yourself (DIY) Home Blogger, Creative Business Owner, and Content Creator who inspires her reach with real-life budget-friendly home projects. She is famous and preferred for her easy-to-follow approach and innovative projects that leave her audience trembling in the excitement to create.

The idea for Krista’s blog and business began as a side income-generating project. At that time, Krista Howard was a Project Manager and Performance Consultant who juggled working at her full-time corporate job with learning the ropes of starting a small business.

“My motivation to start my business stemmed from needing to bring in additional income for my husband’s medical bills. Although we both worked full-time in the corporate world, with medical benefits, the medical bills were quickly stacking up due to Cully’s testicular cancer diagnosis,” the DIY Home Blogger recalls.

“Fighting the cancer was our number one priority and we were determined to do whatever it took to get him cancer free.” Looking for a way to ease the financial burden, Krista took her love for DIY home projects, thrift store decor, and furniture transformations. She built on her interests and turned it into a business.

Krista Howard then burned the midnight oil brainstorming and drafting an extensive and thorough business plan that included her passions and led to developing her own branded chalky-finish furniture paint line.

What started as a part-time income stream soon evolved into a DIY home project enterprise. With her business growing bigger than she expected it to, Krista Howard left the corporate world in November 2016 to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time business owner.

Doing a job she loves and helping individuals worldwide welcome beauty into their own homes was almost the best thing that happened after her business took off. Shortly after Krista left her full-time corporate job, Cully received excellent news. He was finally cancer-free.

The news brought extreme happiness to the couple and motivated Krista to work harder and give back whenever possible. Whenever she can, Krista Howard can often be seen volunteering at local animal shelters and has even fostered several dogs herself. 

“In my spare time, I give back toward my other passion of caring for animals, specifically dogs, that are homeless or looking for a home,” Krista shares. “I hope to one day use the money earned from my business to start a dog rescue.”

This dog rescue is what Krista envisions in half a decade from now. With her business becoming the go-to resource for DIY home projects and affordable home styling ideas, Krista Howard has big plans on funding for animals and her DIY designs.

She hopes to one day land project partnership opportunities with giant corporations such as the Home Depot and getting published in esteemed magazines such as the Flea Market Decor, Cottages and Bungalows, and more. 

While working towards her goal, Krista Howard is currently living her best life. The entrepreneur has the pleasure of spending her days working alongside other like-minded individuals, and she, undoubtedly, couldn’t ask for more. Surrounded by amazing people and helping more through her passions, Krista is genuinely living her dream.

Check out Krista Howard’s DIY projects and stay updated on what affordable, inspiring project she’ll release next. Visit the DIY Home Blogger’s official blog and follow Krista’s account on Instagram.