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Klepto Bears Becomes the Latest Addition to the NFT Community With a Rush of Nostalgia

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

With how fast-paced life has been, it can be so easy to forget where we came from and who we used to be, especially with all the dread the global pandemic brought. So Las Vegas-based visual artist Amber Marie decided to develop a new NFT that not only injects nostalgia but promises prizes through Klepto Bear.

Klepto Bear is the latest addition to the NFT community set for a launch on October 10, 2021. Sleekly designed, the NFT consists of 2D teddy bear art pieces that bring out everyone’s inner child—digitally painted with a peaceful background that is hued to guide the eye to the character and shapes while staying the same and shift in representation. Founder and program owner Amber developed Klepto Bear to symbolize a carefree childhood imagination while telling a story with the assets they impulsively acquire. 

“They show us the adventures they have been on and give a hint of where they might go next,” said Amber. 

Klepto Bears inspirational concept and design is the product of Amber’s passion for the visual arts. Even as a young child, she would take a pen and paper with her to breathe life into everything her imagination conjured. When Amber finished high school, she hoped that taking an art course would keep her drive strong but found herself disappointed in the lackluster program and environment. Moving to Las Vegas, Amber found the inspiration she needed throughout the city’s colorful streets.

Surrounded by bright lights and various art forms, Amber Marie started to delve into the body paint industry, where she thrived. However, her progress would hit a stop as the global pandemic forced the visual artist to shift her focus into other art forms in the local art community. Finally, Amber would find herself in the Graffiti Mansion, where she met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden, who recognized the potential she had and introduced her to graffiti art. 

Inspired and armed with knowledge, Amber decided to bring her arsenal to the digital world, delving into NFTs. The first batch of her new collection came in the form of the Klepto Bear Club. It became her most treasured possession, taking inspiration from an actual bear that her grandmother gave her as a five-year-old. She described the teddy bear as a symbol of childhood imagination with assets that tell a story of the adventures the bear has been through. Amber’s work is recognizable for its richness in color and fine details that go as far as texture and intricate-line work.

While there are plenty of NFTs in the online community today, the story that Klepto Bears represent, along with Amber’s visual style, allows it to stand out from the rest. She attributes its polished look to Izadi and Lorden, who have not only introduced her to a new art form but also Izadi’s donation of $100,000 to bring her closer to realizing her dream. 

Klepto Bear promises an array of prizes and bold promises that Amber swears to uphold upon reaching new milestones. With the backing of the Graffiti Mansion, Amber Marie and the Klepto Bear Club are apt to deliver on their promises.

Learn more about Klepto Bears by visiting their official website. You can also join their Discord channel and follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.