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Kisha Barrett Is Keeping Women Safe through Her Nonprofit, FLOW

Love shouldn’t hurt, love shouldn’t destroy lives, and love certainly should not cause death. Losing her sister to death by a man who claimed to love her was the wakeup call that Kisha Barrett needed to say enough was enough. She decided to launch a nonprofit organization with a specific focus on domestic violence awareness and prevention. Her nonprofit, The FLOW (For Lives of Women) Foundation Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps women suffering from emotional, physical, sexual, and economic abuse. The organization empowers, educates, and assists women by providing emotional support, transitional shelter, and other services that focus on keeping women safe, empowered, and self-sufficient.

Kisha has dedicated her time and resources to run her foundation by partnering with communities to raise awareness for domestic violence. So many women have lost their lives from this epidemic, and to reduce the occurrence and the effects, people need to know about the problem first. The FLOW Foundation is not only going to serve as a resource center that provides emergency housing assistance, support, counseling, and legal assistance, the organization will take a holistic and spiritual approach with all domestic violence cases.

Therefore, women who find succor from The FLOW Foundation will find a serene, peaceful, and comfortable atmosphere to heal and strengthen them. The goal is to help the victims through their healing process and help them heal from within by attending classes and workshops. Yoga and meditation classes, confidence building workshops, business and entrepreneur classes, self-esteem classes, and self-defense lessons will be some of the few things that women under the umbrella of the foundation will benefit. Kisha Barrett believes that any woman suffering from domestic violence has to be mentally and physically strong to make the decision to leave such an abusive situation.

The FLOW Foundation Inc. is focused on women or their loved ones who are going through any kind of domestic violence, be it physical, emotional, financial, mental, or sexual abuse. While Kisha is doing her best to cover more grounds, she does not see herself or any other foundation as a competition to the other. She is not gunning to have the best foundation; she just wants to help women across the world. 

Domestic violence is a global menace, and it affects every woman regardless of race, status, sexual orientation, economic status, or nationality. Anybody can be a victim, which is why Kisha Barrett is dedicated to the cause of advancing The FLOW Foundation’s ideals to a significant point.

In five years’ time, Ms. Barrett expects The FLOW Foundation to have multiple locations in Illinois and other parts of the United States. Participants at the foundation do not have to pay for any of the services and programs that FLOW offers. And that is why the organization is focused on creating awareness and raising funds through grants, contributions, and donations to help as many women as possible. The goal is to reach every corner of the world as no woman deserves to endure abuse of any form.

Learn more about the foundation on the website.