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Kevin Nelson on Providing Elite Financial Advising Service

Kevin Jerome Nelson, also known as The Wealth Evangelist, has traversed different work sectors and proven his expertise in multiple domains. His career started in the entertainment industry, where he helped elite and high net worth celebrities with their financials. He was at one time an artist manager, concert promoter, and business consultant at Motown Records, MCA Records, and Solar Records.

Over the years that he spent in the entertainment industry, his entire business brand hinged on the high-value relationship that he has built with many people. And he strives to keep these relationships by delivering quality, dependable, and innovative service to all his clients. Working in the entertainment and general business industry has given him a great deal of exposure and experience, which he continues to leverage in his subsequent businesses and endeavors.

Kevin Jerome Nelson is a man of many abilities, but notable of all is his ability to spin great things out of ordinary things. He has been recognized and invited to share his wealth of knowledge at events like The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo, BRE Conference, Impact Convention, Mid-Atlantic Music Conference, Indiana Black Expo, Turning Point Urban Business Summit & Expo, Indie Entertainment Summit, and Urban Network Power Summit, amongst others.

Kevin has published two books, one of which “Corporate Credit Unleashed: EVERYTHING YOU BETTER KNOW ABOUT CORPORATE CREDIT WHEN YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT SUCKS,” which has become a best seller on Amazon. His recently released book, “Hidden Secrets The Credit Bureaus Don’t Want You To Know About,” is currently making waves and giving people new insights on credit and credit bureaus.

He has worked with some notable names in the music and sports industries and once served as a financial advisor to The Hip Hop Summit Action Network. He was even named Hip Hop Credit Doctor until more recently that he now parades himself as The Wealth Evangelist. Kevin Nelson delivers elite services to his elite client base, and this is a bar he continues to raise every time he works with any of his clients.

Financial literacy is a topic Kevin is passionate about, and he intends to preach its gospel to the underserved African-American community. “It is my goal to level the field as it relates to financial literacy and the accumulation of generational wealth primarily through business ownership and access to capital. My mission is to empower underrepresented African-Americans by equipping them with the knowledge to become prudent, financially literate, adept individuals. I envision an American economy in which underrepresented, urban communities have meaningful knowledge and experience about personal finance, investing and the financial markets.”

Even though his business was built with high-end clients as the foundation clients, Kevin Nelson has started to take all forms of clients now and making his consultation fee affordable for all so that everyone can access his expert services. Being The Wealth Evangelist, seeing people flourish financially is his ultimate goal, and through his elite service, he is achieving that one client at a time.

Kevin Jerome Nelson is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn more about him on LinkedIn.

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