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Karma the Game of Destiny: Immersive Experience Changing the World of Gaming and Dating

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

It’s 2021, and every entrepreneur and would-be entrepreneur must strive to ensure that they are solving a problem or meeting the needs of the public, or they might as well pack up and close shop. However, the way the world operates now, consumers are not just looking for producers that feed them the kind of content they seek; instead, consumers nowadays don’t mind accessing everything they desire on one particular platform. Serial entrepreneur René Reyes observed the latest trend, especially with regard to consumer behavior, and decided to launch an app that will serve as a one-stop shop to different demographics of users and, at the same time, be a game-changer. He called it Karma the Game of Destiny.

Karma the Game of Destiny is a new and exciting mobile app designed primarily for gaming and dating. The app, currently in its final stage of testing, is available in both Android and iOS and takes users through a wide range of brand-new experiences like never before. It allows users to enjoy gaming while also meeting new people and establishing connections and friendships across the globe. Karma the Game of Destiny, is indeed an exciting game because users are not only guaranteed endless entertainment, awesome graphics, and realistic gameplay; the possibility that they could meet their new best friend or a significant other through the app makes it all more interesting. Social media is a massive part of everyone’s lives nowadays, and this is a new, exciting social eco platform that combines fun and dating. Alongside this, it’s also a great way to meet new friends and attend social events.

Karma the Game of Destiny is designed strictly with the interest of the users and players in mind. The developers bring socializing into gaming, making it more fun because now, people can meet online and connect over something they all enjoy doing. It’s also a great dating platform because it increases the possibility of like-minded people meeting and establishing a connection. 

“Karma the Game will bring a new social platform to the world,” says Andy Khan, Senior VP of Karma. “Players will have the ability to meet people from their communities and be involved in local events. We are going to be bringing a fusion of the real world with AR / VR capabilities that players will be excited to be a part of,” he adds.

The app is user-oriented and easy to use because all that the users need to do is create a digital avatar and enjoy the 30-days free trial. The avatar, in this case, is a digital reflection of each user and is essentially what constitutes the first impression that other users encounter. Once this is set, the next step is to join through the door and come up in a local hotspot where other gamers are looking for the same things, chat, play games, and build connections through the game.

In the words of Chairman and Co-founder René Reyes, “Come into our world.  Raise your standard of internet social experiences, make new friends, go to awesome venues, and listen to amazing music.   Play Karma the Game of Destiny, Karma the Game – Space Run and Karma the Game – Casino.”

With Karma the Game of Destiny, the chances of the users getting bored are next to none because the game is equipped with over 200 different virtual environments to play in, therefore presenting users with endless opportunities to enjoy the game in various dimensions. To put it into perspective, “Karma the Game of Destiny allows you to travel the world and meet new people, all from the comfort of your own home or even while on the go.” In addition, the game allows users to earn money from playing and through referral programs. Users can also compete in challenges that let them win prizes.

According to CEO and Co-founder Robert Porter, the future looks interesting for everyone at Karma the Game of Destiny because with the latest AR/VR technologies, “Karma the Game is not only giving the people the ability to enjoy in every factor of digital immersion but given the day to day person the access to make money. This metaverse we are building will be here and around for years to come.”

Be one of the first to enjoy the game and drop feedback with the developers on their website. The project is on Fundable and WeFunder, where all enthusiasts are welcome to invest.