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Kamil Hage Continues to Dominate the Business Arena with Newly Launched Brand, Munchies

At the heart of every success story lies a deep message of faith, perseverance, and strength. As a matter of fact, today’s most successful people are proof that stark beginnings and humble origins can lead to the sweetest of victories. In the case of Kamil Hage, the esteemed founder of Munchies, it is shown that any dream can turn into reality as long as one is dedicated and determined enough to go out of their comfort zone and test their limits. 

Armed with twelve years’ worth of experience in marketing and management, Kamil Hage is hailed for being an all-around personality in the business world. As someone who had to build everything from scratch, he knows how valuable hard work is in the pursuit of a goal. Heavily inspired to use his story to help aspirants and dreamers, he took it upon himself to create an empire that fosters growth and fuels passion. 

Born in Lebanon, Kamil Hage was shipped on a boat to the United States during the war between 1989 and 1990. Looking back on his roots, he takes pride in his family for upholding commendable virtues like hard work, loyalty, and culture-focused. 

Before becoming the business mogul he is today, Kamil Hage navigated his way through the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial landscape with nothing but his determination and drive. He kicked off his career by dipping his toes into the world of nightlife and created a name for himself by building a well-known team of Ciroc Ambassadors for nightclubs across the East Coast. 

In 2015, Kamil Hage helped in setting up the marketing and branding for Shredz, a multi-million-dollar athletic and supplement company. In 2019, he then created Sugar and Kush, a CBD company that generates up to ten million dollars a year. Now, this multifaceted figure has a distribution outlet in cannabis all across the state of California and is heavily involved with top-tier cannabis companies. 

Determined to take his career to even greater heights, Kamil Hage is launching his brand, Munchies, which is now in over three hundred dispensaries in California. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, he intends to expand his brainchild to the state borders ofLas Vegas, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Michigan, and Florida. 

In an interview, Kamil Hage talked about his motivation for creating Munchies. “Nothing is better than watching a group of individuals come together and build a business that has a solid culture behind it. I love watching people, who like myself, started with nothing and built a future for their friends and family,” he shared.  “In fact, all the companies I worked with were startups,” he added.

Aside from his entrepreneurial acumen, Kamil Hage is also known for being skilled in other areas. He was one of those who helped in launching the Ethereum Max and even coordinated the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Paul Pierce all supported Ethereum Max on social media. 

In the coming years, Kamil Hage hopes to continue growing and expanding with Munchies. On top of that, he is also open to more ventures that would come his way.

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