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June Shelton Is Poised to Become a Notable Writer for Comedy

Whether it’s for drama or comedy, promising actor and prolific writer June Shelton is thriving in a way he never expected. Between the two genres, however, he believes that he is destined to entertain by making people laugh. Because of his bubbly personality and adventurous nature, he is confident he has what it takes to write profound comedic content meant to make audiences laugh their hearts out at any given time. 

Before deciding to seriously consider writing as a career path, June has done several commercials as well as voice-overs for various brands and companies. He recalls starting to create YouTube videos in 2011. At some point, he was able to sell seven scripts within a year and a half period. He still decided, however, to try out acting first. Despite being on the dean’s list for his excellent academic performance while in college, he still opted to drop out of school to have more time for acting. He later admitted that despite having performed very well in school, he did not love it all that much as many expected. While studying, he also worked two full-time jobs, making him extremely exhausted most of the time. At the end of the day, his education became the casualty of his dream to become an actor. 

Back then, he was inspired by the works of Kain Carter and thought that he was very creative. Shelton was motivated to do his own videos after watching his works online. “I was already super funny to everyone around me, so why not test it out on YouTube? I fell in love with it. Then soon I was writing my own scripts. But even at a young age, I loved to see people laugh. My sister was actually my first audience. She doesn’t even know this, but my goal was to always make her laugh because she is a huge critic. So if i could make her laugh, then i knew everyone else would be easy,” June explains. 

The 29-year-old actor recently starred in the film titled Project 8, written and directed by David Tinsley. Project 8 marks a memorable point in Tinsley’s life and career as it is the first film he is making in his native city of Detroit since returning home from Southern California. Being part of the film is a huge privilege for June, considering Tinsley’s impressive track record as a writer, producer, and director. Shelton hopes that Project 8 will open new doors for him in the film industry. The movie is available on Vimeo for viewing. 

As he looks into the future, June sees himself writing a couple of feature films and doing collaborations with respected names in the film industry. Aside from writing, he looks forward to acting in more projects alongside gifted filmmakers, fellow actors, and well-known producers. Considering a project on national television is definitely on his wishlist. Shelton knows that he still has a long way to go, but waiting for the right project and the perfect timing for events to come to pass are two things that he is willing to wait for. 

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