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Joshua Haupt on the Role of Cannabis in His Journey of Health and Entrepreneurial Triumphs

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the impetus behind the launch of a venture. Some entrepreneurs have been lured into entering the competitive commercial space because of the financial appeal of certain markets, especially those growing in size. However, for others, it is their intimate awareness of the long list of benefits that come hand in hand with a particular product that influenced their decision to establish a business. In the case of Joshua Haupt, a leading authority in the cannabis industry, his history with this plant not only opened his eyes to its positive impact on health but also played a significant role in his entrepreneurial journey. 

Early in life, Joshua Haupt had to deal with a string of physical complications following a snowboarding accident. The then 14-year-old boy would have never anticipated that the injury would herald the beginning of a lifelong case of epilepsy. For five years, his treatment involved the use of traditional medicine, including heavy pharmaceuticals designed to control his seizures.

Realizing that a healthier, more holistic, and more sustainable alternative exists in the form of exercise, diet, and cannabis, Joshua Haupt embarked on a major lifestyle change at the age of nineteen. In the years since then, the Colorado native has contributed to the growth of the industry, managing to establish a name thanks to his innovations. 

Known for crafting growing methods that can dramatically increase both the quality and quantity a single cannabis plant could produce, Joshua Haupt currently serves as a go-to expert in the cannabis space. This reputation has solidified over the years not only because of his in-depth knowledge of the drug and plant. More than anything else, it is his strategic business moves that have pushed him to great heights. 

Attached to his name is an impressive portfolio that includes the lucrative Pono Publications, through which he sells Three-a-Light. This simple guidebook details the process of growing cannabis. In addition, he is the founder of Cultivation Max, a consulting service led by a team of master growers whom Joshua Haupt had personally trained at his commercial grow operations. 

The highly respected go-getter is the mind behind a line of nutrients as well. Success Nutrients, the product of a collaboration with agriculture chemists at Colorado State University, is intended for supporting the growth of a cannabis plant at each phase of its life cycle. Moreover, Joshua Haupt is credited for the birth of the Colorado-based cultivation company Super Farm, which developed two major grows.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Joshua Haupt wasn’t exempt from the billions of people reeling from the impact of a global pandemic. Yet amid the changes that it brought about, he pushed through, fueled by the desire to make bigger waves in the industry. In December 2020, he created a new packaging and apparel line called Artsy. Today, the brand is producing top-notch quality cannabis, investing in local charities and organizations, incubating artists, and projecting their voices to the world.

Despite the accomplishments that Joshua Haupt has snagged under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down. In the future, he hopes to run a global cannabis brand that provides top-shelf cannabis to consumers and operates in multiple states and countries.

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