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Joshua Flanagan: Expert Financial Planner Advocating for Education in Securing Financial Freedom

Financial planning is an integral contributor to people’s future stability. It allows a person not only to create short and long-term goals but also enables them to identify the best ways to fulfill those goals. And in the financial planning and advice industry, Joshua Flanagan has emerged as a well-trusted authority credited for guiding countless individuals toward a more financially secure track.

This 11-year army veteran first started making big waves as a Supervising Agent at American Income Life, who was responsible for the training and development of insurance providers on his team. After three years of excellent performance in this role, he decided to take up the challenge of acting as the Assistant Vice-President at Citizens Investment Services in Newton Centre, Massachusetts.  

In 2019, Joshua Flanagan joined Commonwealth Financial Group, lending his expertise and experience to further establish this financial institution as a go-to firm by serving as its Managing Director. Commonwealth Financial Group, known for its over one hundred and fifty years of service, utilizes a consultative, systematic, and team-based approach to fulfilling its clients’ financial wants. And through an innovative process, its competent team of professionals designs financial blueprints to help clients create the most efficient path to financial confidence. 

As one of the firm’s leaders, Joshua Flanagan recruits, trains, and develops financial experts as they transition or start their practice at CFG and assist in developing and implementing business strategies. More importantly, this respected financial planner delivers impeccable services that are intended to maneuver clients toward financial freedom. 

Standing out among a sea of planners who dedicate their time and resources to selling their products, he focuses on educating clients on every aspect of their financial situation—what puts them at risk, the behaviors they need to adopt in order to achieve their financial objectives, to name a few—and does so in a comprehensive manner. At the core of his services is the genuine desire to see people evolve into well-informed decision-makers who are cognizant of every nitty-gritty of the financial strategy proposed to them. 

Since his rise in this particular field, Joshua Flanagan has received considerable acclaim for facilitating wants-based planning and his religious commitment to providing clients with an elite experience, both of which he manages to accomplish because of his drive to maintain a deep relationship with every person, family, and business that he serves. 

Joshua Flanagan is set to remain a devout advocate of education and empowerment in the coming years, believing that they are essential in securing financial freedom. Furthermore, he looks forward to seeing himself and his company developing a strong online presence in the financial education space as well as providing more high-quality services to a plethora of people. 

Above anything else, Joshua Flanagan aims to cement his reputation as a financial planner who did not come to dominate the field through commissions but by caring about his clients’ capacity to achieve their life goals.

For more information on financial planning with Joshua Flanagan, you may visit this website and their license page. Learn more about Joshua by going to his website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Connect with him through his calendar, or give him a call at 857-260-0815 or send an email to Joshua Flanagan is a registered representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC, member SIPC ( Supervisory address: (101 Federal St, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02110 617-439-4389).