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Josh E. Starr Pulls Off the Seemingly Impossible, Succeeding in the Cryptocurrency Industry with Only $247

Cryptocurrencies have seen a meteoric rise in recent years. These investment platforms have become massive opportunities for traders, investors, and influencers alike. The future of blockchain technology is perceived to be limitless, as it is a form of technology that can change the world as we know it. Josh E. Starr has been a witness to this life-changing technology rising from the depths of rock bottom towards becoming a successful influencer with financial freedom to boot.

Josh E. Starr, also known as Kosher Khaled, began his journey into crypto 18 months ago. He was doing intensive research on prominent crypto investors amassing knowledge and expertise within the industry. About four years ago, he was sleeping and living on his friend’s couch with a measly $247 to his name. However, his passion, hard work, and determination allowed him to make a better life for himself.

He accepted a job at a local funding company and earned himself $16,000 during his first two weeks alone. He was a natural, and he had the knowledge and talent to make it a sustainable venture. He quickly left his day job, took his $16,000 and contacted his cousin, who had funding and business experience.

Together, Josh and his cousin started their own company. With Josh’s business-savvy and leadership qualities, he managed to hire 15 salespeople whom he handpicked, but seeing as they were Josh’s best friends, they didn’t have any sales experience at all. So, he taught them and brought them up to speed with the valuable knowledge that he possessed in the industry. After that, the rest, as they say, is history.

(Noah Tepperberg, David Einhorn, Jonathan Cheban and ,Josh E. Star)

His first investment into Ethereum was what really started the ball rolling for his success. Nowadays, Josh E. Starr considers cryptocurrency as a large part of his investment portfolio, dubbing himself a crypto influencer who’s easy to relate to. Through his influence, Josh gives the average person a genuine chance at achieving financial freedom and enjoying life the way they want to.

Josh E. Starr’s passion for cryptocurrency has led him to become a respected name in the crypto world. Currently, he is using his platform to share his knowledge and expertise to encourage other individuals to find their own path with crypto. He carefully explains that he’s not offering any financial advice at all, but he is simply explaining to others how they can become successful investors through their own research and decisions.

In the near future, Josh E. Starr sees himself becoming a full-fledged thought leader and a top influencer in the cryptocurrency space. He aims to help new startups gain some footing in the industry and rise into becoming business giants. It’s remarkable how his journey began with just $247 in his bank account. Josh has truly come a long way, and he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. With the way things are going now, there’s nowhere to go but up for Josh E. Starr. One thing’s for sure, unlike what his name implies, Josh isn’t just reaching for the stars; he’s destined to fly high into the moon.

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