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Joseph Lang and Tax Emperor Making Tax Simple For Everyone

Filing taxes can be a complex and painstaking process for most people. The far majority find no joy and passion for the intricacy of the paperwork, financial work, and systems of getting taxes done. But some people do. Joseph Lang happens to be one of those people. And the fact that he’s undeniably good at it adds a sweeter flavor to the deal. 

Joseph is a tax professional who has filed the taxes of thousands of individuals and businesses. He is the founder of Tax Emperor, a tax filing company composed of dedicated and excellent tax professionals that help people from various economic backgrounds. The company serves anyone from middle-income families to large corporations.

One of the things that makes Joseph and the team at Tax Emperor different from most tax firms in the country is their approach to tax education. Where most tax consultants prefer to use technical jargon and complicated workflows, Joseph aims to make the tax process simple. Each client at Tax Emperor knows where each dollar goes and how it gets there. 

Consequently, in the last seven years, Joseph and his team have grown their client base and now serve individuals and companies from all across the United States, Canada, and even several European countries. Joseph is always retooling and equipping himself to understand the tax laws and processes of various regions, states, and nations so that he can help make taxation easy for more and more people everywhere.

Before becoming a tax professional, Joseph worked as a therapist at a mental health hospital. He started to do tax and finances on the side, which would regularly entail ninety-hour work weeks. But soon enough, he grew his business base enough to quit his day job and start doing taxes full time.

“I remember sitting in my office during my lunch break thinking to myself if I master the tax laws and help one hundred business owners save on their taxes, it would allow me to have financial freedom.” Joseph recalls. The way he would accomplish that was by giving clients tax education, tax planning, unlimited consultations, and delivering the best customer service experience. However, what started as a simple dream later exploded into a successful business as word got out about Joseph’s remarkable service. What started as a benchmark of one hundred clients later turned to thousands within a short period.

Joseph looks further into the future and only sees possibilities. His goal is to expand his reach and influence by building an affiliate program that will allow other people to build tax offices of their own. His program includes an online course that provides affiliates with lessons on the tax process. It also includes walkthroughs and guides through the necessary tax software to become successful at filing taxes. As an add on, people also have the option to learn bookkeeping through the affiliate program.

Through this strategy, Tax Emperor hopes to become the most significant tax company in America and provide a source of livelihood to several thousand affiliates with hundreds of thousands of clients. Today, Joseph lang looks back and can only be grateful that what once started as a side hustle has now grown into a tax empire in which he is the tax emperor. 

To learn more about Joseph Lang and Tax Emperor, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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