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Jolie Cuts Clean Through Multiple Charts With Latest Single “Like a Knife”

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Singer Jolie is staying relevant in the music industry with her latest single. “Like a Knife,” produced and co-written by the multi-platinum selling producer Juan Luis Ayala, is already making noise after charting on iTunes in Mexico and bunking rent-free on Italy’s iTunes Top 30.

Jolie got her start in the industry when she debuted in 2015. Her first work was a collaboration with the electronic producer Phonat, who works under the Superstar Producer Skrillex’s label OWSLA. Her song “Fire” set music charts ablaze and had people across the globe introduced to the singer, Jolie, through features on giant music platforms such as MTV, Billboard, and BBC Radio 1. 

“Fire” was such a rage that Jolie released two acoustic versions of the hit single. The acoustic translation of “Fire” was produced after intensive work in the studio with Multi-Platinum Selling Songwriter Fabio Campedelli and Music Icon Alex Alessandroni, who has strung songs with the industry’s legends such as Whitney Houston, P!nk, and Christina Aguilera.

Jolie’s hit debut single has also been interpreted in Dom Capuano’s cinematic version of the song, which brings its listeners to a magical journey through a beautiful strings arrangement and Jolie’s heart-stopping vocals. A Goodwheel Remix of “Fire” intended to add an electronic and funky disco vibe to the song is currently in the works. 

From teenagers to adults, everyone can connect with Jolie’s music. As a product of the pop singer’s versatility and exceptional talent in translating emotions into sound, Jolie is well-loved by a wide variety of audiences. The musician’s work has made her a verified artist on Spotify with a staggering average of around 240,944 monthly listeners.

Along with the Goodwheel Remix of “Like a Knife,” Jolie’s discography on the music streaming site includes singles such as “Fire,” “I’m All In,” “Mueve Mueve,” and the original version of her latest single. The singer has also worked with several established artists and has lent her voice to albums such as “Frame” by Holograph and many others.

With multiple hit singles under her belt and her song, “Like a Knife,” seemingly glued to iTunes Mexico and Italy’s charts, Jolie’s musical prowess is undeniable. Hosting a unique voice and skills that have been recognized and lauded with the music industry’s bigwigs, the talented singer is set to continue down her path of success. 

Once again, clasping hands with Former Manager Gianluca Pizzorno, Jolie is definitely the artist to watch this year. 2020 will prove to be exciting for the singer, with several impressive tracks underway. With the help of her manager’s team of Grammy winner, platinum-selling producers, songwriters, and artists, nothing is in Jolie’s way to take a straight cut to the top of the industry like a knife. 

Listen to Jolie’s chart-topping single, “Like a Knife,” and more of the singer’s singular sound. Stay updated on her upcoming music releases by following the growing artist on Spotify.