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Jimmy Easton Is a GenZ Artist Enriching Atlanta Art Scene

Working in a creative industry has been seen in an unpleasant light for a long time, but recently people have gained an appreciation for artists. Their work is viewed as important by many, thus encouraging many young individuals to explore different ways of creative expression as a means of supporting themselves. Jimmy Easton is a young, passionate photographer and DJ who runs his own multimedia company that aims to expand Atlanta’s art scene to be more diverse and inclusive.

Jimmy Easton is a creative, multifaceted artist with an eye for detail. He is a photographer, DJ, event curator, and creative analyst. Jimmy shares, “Through expressions of art such as music, photography, and styling, I found that people felt more confident, empowered, and free. The goal with my work is to help other people reach their highest goals and truest calling.”

This young creative director is also an accomplished entrepreneur, running his multimedia company, Posterchild Media, since 2016. Jimmy Easton’s company offers photography services, interviews, and curated music mixes. Through his work, Jimmy illustrates a visual scene of hip hop, fashion, LGBTQ and ballroom culture, cosplay, and other different intersections of black queer culture as seen from a GenZ individual’s perspective.

As a photographer, Jimmy Easton has a robust body of work. He has done different types of photography work such as portraits, fashion and editorial shoots, album cover art, and event coverage. Jimmy also displays his unique take on cyber fantasy photography, with his artful infusion of digital elements into portraits that result in dynamic and otherworldly photos. This GenZ photographer loves to highlight the beauty and diversity of black and brown skin. “Black girl and black boy magic is very real, and I enjoy capturing that and sharing it to the world,” Jimmy says. He has worked with several clients and artists over the years, and his work has been featured in Paper Magazine, American Apparel, Act of Fashion, 9712, and The Shade Room.

As a DJ based in Atlanta, Jimmy Easton has performed at several popular venues in the city like The Bakery and Artisans Bar and Gallery. He has also worked closely with CareFree Black Girl, Black Ink, and TFTI as both DJ and event curator. His curated mixes are energetic and showcase black artists and music.

Working in different creative fields may be daunting to some, but it comes naturally for Jimmy Easton. “Everything I do and create is authentically me. These various outlets of expression are my way to uplift others,” Jimmy shares. This young creative delivers his unique style and grace in all the work he has put out. His body of work at Posterchild Media is impressive, considering he began the company only four years ago. When asked about how he feels about the pressure to create or do something that has never been done before, he answers, “I like to work without the weight of competition and comparison. That makes things easier for me. It frees me to do what I feel is best. I go in the direction that my creativity takes me.”

For more information about Jimmy Easton and Posterchild Media, you may visit this website.

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