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Jim McMahon Launches Cannabis Brand in Illinois, Finding Relief and Advocating for Medicinal Use

Jim McMahon
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Former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon, renowned for his legendary plays on the football field, has shifted his focus to the world of cannabis. In an exclusive event that drew throngs of devoted Bears fans, McMahon celebrated the launch of “Revenant,” his new cannabis brand, now available in select Chicago area dispensaries. This development marks a significant milestone in McMahon’s journey from football fame to cannabis advocacy.

Jim McMahon’s Personal Journey:

Finding Relief from Pain

McMahon, affectionately known as the “Punky QB,” revealed that he primarily turns to cannabis for its pain-relieving properties. It has proven to be a remarkable remedy for his persistent headaches, offering respite from the challenges that follow a career in professional football. He emphasized, “When you’re partaking, you forget about the pain.”

Returning to Chicago

Despite more than three decades passing since he last threw a pass for the Chicago Bears, McMahon’s bond with the Windy City remains unbreakable. He expressed his gratitude, stating, “It’s always good to be back in Chicago. The fans here always treated me well.”

Revenant’s Launch and Advocacy:

A Cannabis Brand with NFL Roots

McMahon’s Revenant is not just another cannabis brand; it boasts NFL connections. Jim McMahon co-owns this venture with two other former NFL players, aligning their efforts to promote the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They are strong advocates for the cessation of drug testing for cannabis in the NFL, arguing that it should be recognized as a medicinal herb.

A Health Turnaround

At the age of 64, McMahon’s health challenges post-football career are well-documented. He openly discusses his battle with CTE, a degenerative brain condition linked to repeated head trauma. McMahon attributes his condition to his playing days, including a memorable body slam by the Packers’ Charles Martin in 1986. Additionally, he now relies on a crutch due to multiple foot surgeries in the past 20 months. McMahon’s health struggles led to his consumption of up to 100 Percocet pills monthly before he turned to cannabis.

Cannabis: A Life-Saver

Jim McMahon candidly states that cannabis has been a lifesaver for him. It not only rescued him from opioid dependency but also improved his overall quality of life. He emphasized, “It saved my life. It’s saved thousands of peoples’ lives by getting off the opioids.” He described the transition from opioids to cannabis as a transformation that allowed for improved cognitive function and a clearer, pain-free existence.

Overcoming Dark Thoughts

McMahon courageously shared his personal battle with dark thoughts, acknowledging that he once contemplated suicide, a challenge that some of his former teammates succumbed to. However, cannabis provided a new lease on life, free from pain and the burden of negative thoughts. He affirmed, “it opened my eyes to a new way of life. A life without pain, a life without these bad thoughts.”

Reflections on the Bears and Advice for the Future:

A New Chapter

As for his connection with the Chicago Bears today, McMahon confessed that he doesn’t closely follow the team anymore. When questioned about advice for current Bears quarterback Justin Fields, McMahon responded with a hearty laugh, “I wish him luck.” He then humorously alluded to the city’s football culture, emphasizing its long-standing focus on defense and the revered position of the running back.


In summary, Jim McMahon’s transition from a football icon to a cannabis advocate reflects a compelling journey of personal discovery, health improvement, and a commitment to advocating for the benefits of medicinal cannabis. His story underscores the potential for cannabis to offer hope and relief to individuals facing chronic pain and mental health challenges.