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JetSet’s Drops One of the Most Sought-After NFT Projects to Date – The Paper Boyz

In the face of highly competitive industries, entrepreneurs and enterprises may find it daunting to take center stage, dominate respective trades, and distinguish themselves apart from a plethora of ventures that promise to deliver top-notch products and quality services. However, a significant number of established authorities owe much of their successes to their passion-driven spirit to revolutionize. One of them is the brilliant founder of, JetSet, also known as Josh King Madrid.

Triumph amid adversities may have become a long shot these days, but JetSet continues to prove that success is within arm’s reach so long as one pours their hearts into their crafts. As he collaborates with a prodigious mobile app animation artist Edgar Vehbiu, the creative personality behind Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile, they are bound to send waves of changes across the NFT realm through establishing their brainchild, the Paper Boyz.

Rapidly rising as one of the most anticipated and sought-after NFT projects to date, the Paper Boyz is a collection of 3,650 NFTs designed explicitly for those who want to get ahead in the digital space. People from all walks of life who continue to strive for excellence may find this NFT project a promising launching pad toward greatness. Whether one is a newbie, degen, or an expert, the Paper Boyz shakes the industry, opening many doors of opportunities for go-getters across the world.

Without a doubt, the Paper Boyz has risen to popularity because of its unrivaled ability to propel NFT holders to impressive heights. As a matter of fact, It grants lifetime access to everyone who joins its premium Discord community while helping its holders stay up-to-date on the latest news and potential opportunities within the NFT world. In addition, the Discord channel also grants access to expert-led courses, software bots, and more, enabling holders to learn the ropes of NFT.

Proving to be an unstoppable force in providing opportunities to thousands of holders under its arsenal, the Paper Boyz also grants access to the largest invite-only NFT Conference in the world this October, the NFTMag Con 2022, to be held in Miami. JetSet reveals that the event will have over 4,000 attendees from around the world, with over 40 speakers ranging from NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, and sales trainers to top motivational speakers. The conference charges every participant with a ticket valued at $2,450, but holders of the Paper Boyz NFT can attend and participate in the event for free.

Armed with big plans for the future, aims to expand the horizons of the Paper Boyz NFT to continue catering to the needs of different holders across the globe. Above anything else, it also hopes to kickstart a passion-driven spirit for success among those looking to get ahead both in the industry and in life.The Paper Boyz will be released on July 1, 2022. The pre-mint community is quite large, but only 3,650 NFTs are available. The Discord channel is open to those who are interested in joining.