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Jaye Renee’ Explains the Impact of the Beauty Industry

For decades, physical appearance has been known to carry half of the weight in leaving lasting impressions. True enough, some of the most notable occupations in some industries require a certain level of semblances – such as being neat, tidy, or presentable – in order to get ahead or at least maintain a job or position.

Recognizing the challenges that the beauty industry faces almost every day, Jaye Renee’ brings out her transcendent skills and expertise to educate others on the importance of the trade.

For instance, in the airline businesses, the flight crew is mandated to present themselves in a pleasant way to look at for their passengers. However, this concern for physical appearances has often been dismissed by society as being superficial. And because of this stereotype, the beauty industry is frequently overlooked, leaving some opportunities for growth out of the window. Several studies have shown that tidy and well-groomed people have a better chance of keeping their job or being promoted to a higher rank. Other researchers also discovered that an excellent physical appearance affects a person’s level of trustworthiness. So, from these scientific results, one can conclude that a person’s appearance is indeed a significant factor that can make or break a person’s climb towards the summits of success. Seeing how one’s looks ultimately affect the future of most individuals, this prompted Jaye Renee’ to correct the long-held stereotype of the beauty industry through coaching and education.

As one of the foremost advocates for revolutionizing the beauty industry, Jaye Renee’ took it upon herself to dedicate her life’s work in reshaping views and perceptions surrounding the field. With her expertise in the relationship between behavior and beauty and her 20 years worth of experience in the area, Jaye is highly recognized for her creation called Predictable Beauty Industry Behavior System – a platform that ensures growth and profit-building in the beauty industry by understanding the behavior of both the business owners and their prospective clients. Through this unconventional system, she teaches industry professionals fundamental how-to theories on services and the psychological and behavioral effects of beauty and appearances. 

Because of her state-of-the-art techniques, Jaye Renee’ has traveled around the world, coaching different beauty ventures ranging from small-time enterprises to big product companies on all aspects of running a more prosperous and efficient business. And aside from that, Jaye also teaches the concept and science behind beauty for schools, beauty shows, conventions, and product knowledge through online courses and training.

Proving to be a stellar figure in the beauty industry, Jaye Renee’ is the author behind two world-renowned books entitled, “The 6-Figure Stylist: Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design” and “Winning the Beauty Game.”

But aside from spreading awareness and teaching professionals and like-minded individuals the ropes behind the craft, Jaye Renee’ is also helping beauty professionals and business owners thrive during these trying times. Because of the pandemic’s strict health protocols, the beauty industry continues to suffer. Heeding to the call, Jaye has made it her mission to find more lucrative ways for the industry to survive this seemingly irreversible effect of the health crisis. And now, with Jaye as one of the vanguards of the beauty industry, the latter slowly rises amid the challenges it continues to face.

In the coming years, Jaye Renee’ hopes that the beauty industry will get the attention it deserves. With her platform and expertise, she hopes to revolutionize the beauty space by spreading awareness and educating individuals around the world.

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