The Chicago Journal

Jay Laurent: Inspiration to Millions

Multimillionaire Jay Laurent, more commonly known as “sendwires” on Instagram, is a self-made serial entrepreneur based in Beverly Hills. He started his time in the world of business at 15, dropping out of high school and enrolling himself in a variety of business classes. These classes allowed him to acquire the knowledge needed to grow and prosper in a world where many fail.

For most adolescents, dropping out of high school at such a young age would be considered a one-way track to failure, but Jay saw it as an opportunity stating, “I never let school get in the way of my education”. He continued his pursuit of knowledge in an unconventional way that led him to a life of success at the mere age of 25.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Jay owns over 10 million dollars in equity across a multitude of businesses with successful ventures worth seven figures year to date. He plays integral roles in various lucrative NFT projects and has self-designed and created his own business, WireTalk. Jay’s diverse skillset has enabled him to build an extensive rolodex in Beverly Hills revolving around politicians and seasoned business owners, often being referred to as a “Hired Gun”.

Jay’s consistency and work ethic resulting in success and prosperity earned him recognition as a top performing young entrepreneur by in 2022. He never allowed the opinions of others or feelings of self-doubt to keep him from pursuing the life he wanted. Jay urges others to “set high goals for themselves and to take risks to pursue their dreams”.

Future endeavors for Jay include the collaboration with his brother Nik, one of his biggest inspirations in both life and business, on Metalabz: a fully stacked web 3 development company specializing in the creation of NFT collections, tokenomics, and overall decentralized finance.

Jay will also continue his work on his self-funded 501C3 non-profit organization, “God Willing” to cherish our youth and enable them to pursue their dreams that are otherwise impossible. Jay will remain an inspiration to millions through his hard work and dedication to persevere in the face of adversity.