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Jason Hill and Mentality Are Fostering a Positive Culture of Ambition

Jason Hill is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of Mentality. He established his brand straight out of his own college dorm room, combining his passion for sports and his ambition for Business. Growing up, Jason always knew that he wanted to make money on his own terms and be his own boss. So he grabbed the opportunity to create a brand that he is passionate about.

He started the Mentality clothing brand in October of 2018, yet he managed to scale it up to over 1 million followers over the succeeding years. Nowadays, in 2020 the apparel brand has now become a million-dollar company that helps motivate individuals to aspire to a culture of ambition.

Jason Hill has started something big and beautiful straight out of his freshman year in college. He has cultivated a culture of ambition through Mentality, and he hopes to spread this culture to even more individuals every day.

Through his Instagram account, he shares various inspirational and motivational quotes that aim to build a positive mindset for their audience. Their audience mainly consists of athletes in high school and college, as their apparel caters to this demographic by selling their meaningful products.

Jason Hill has built Mentality’s following and audience since 2017, and they’ve been riding out the positive wave ever since maintaining their loyal follower base and customer base. Mentality has helped change people’s lives worldwide. Jason Hill knows this for a fact, based on the thousands of messages and emails that they receive on a daily basis.

The idea for the brand came to him one day during his junior year in high school. Jason Hill was just shopping online through Amazon and getting his gear ready for the football season. He was looking up “athlete bracelets” with a particular design in mind, along with a motivational message. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find any other products other than bland silicone bracelets that seemed to dominate his search results.

Suddenly, Jason Hill remembered that moment while he was in his college dorm room, brainstorming products to create for his own brand, Mentality. He knew then and there that he shouldn’t start another cookie-cutter clothing brand selling generic products. His bracelets paved the way for other ideas to come in, such as custom number pendants and designs for other apparel.

In the near future, Jason Hill envisions Mentality as a household brand competing heavily with the biggest online clothing brands. He hopes to scale his business tremendously with help from various investors and other means of funding.

Jason Hill urges other individuals to pursue and start something for themselves. He hopes to awaken his audience’s passion for creating something and pursue their dreams. He wants them to just trust their gut and just go do what they think will make them happy. He knows this for a fact since he took the risk and managed to achieve incredible results. He knows that if he stayed and listened to other people other than himself, then he’d be stuck in the little town of Tennessee doing something that he didn’t really enjoy.

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