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Introducing Its Ibby: The Rapper Who Merged Two Opposite Ends of the World

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Its Ibby is treating the global rap scene with his fresh take on the genre. The talented artist grew up in both Texas and Abu Dhabi. Its Ibby saw the diverse qualities of both cities he considers his home and aims to portray them through his music and visual art. Truly, it can be very challenging because the two places don’t have many similarities. But Its Ibby’s music aims to bridge the gap between the sides.

His vision to represent his cities in his art sets him apart from other artists. There are many aspiring rappers today, but none of them serve the same purpose that Its Ibby is trying to fulfill. 

Its Ibby’s music makes both Texas and Abu Dhabi proud. He surpasses expectations by delivering his tracks in a unique flow. While other artists find it difficult to find their sound, Its Ibby built his distinctness effortlessly. Music always comes naturally for the amazing rapper. It was something that brought him happiness from the very beginning.

Many artists enter the music industry in hopes to achieve the fame and fortune that come with the career. But Its Ibby genuinely does it out of his love for the art. He does not care so much about the money he could earn. Its Ibby simply does it because of his passion for music. In turn, because of his rawness, audiences from all over the world are captivated by Its Ibby. Hearing the rapper vocalize alone is enough to get his listeners hooked.

He is currently residing in Florida but constantly collaborates with other artists in Atlanta, Georgia. Although his career is based in the United States, the rapper has attracted a substantial number of fans all around the world. Among his huge fan bases are his admirers from Germany.

Seeing how his fans adore and patronize his tracks motivates Its Ibby to better his craft. For the artist, it is a humbling experience whenever he can connect with his fans. Its Ibby maximizes the benefits of his social media platform to reach his global followers. The countless praise and acclaim for his music made his passion grow even deeper over the years.

Today, Its Ibby is working on the music video of his hit single, “Hol’ On Wait,” shot by the iconic 4EZ. The video will soon reach fans and captivate audiences everywhere. Working with big names in the industry is nothing new to Its Ibby. He has previously worked on major projects with multi platinum producers such as Trellgato and Brackz.

On top of being a world-class rapper, Its Ibby also excels in his career outside of the music industry. He is a holder of a bachelor of science degree in industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering from Texas Tech University. With his degree, Its Ibby earned a job that supplements his dreams in music.

The rapper believes that education is one of the strongest foundations any person can have. He encourages young musicians to stay in school to gain a comprehensive background in many aspects of life. With the knowledge from school, Ibby believes that anyone can achieve huge milestones.

Its Ibby continues to explore his talents through the many career opportunities given his way. He is determined to succeed. With his undeniable talent, there’s no doubt that Its Ibby will be the next rap legend who will invade music platforms and own billboard charts around the world.

Stay updated with Its Ibby’s journey through his Instagram account @_itsibby_.