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Intra Branda Is a Digital Powerhouse

The digital sphere is quickly becoming the go-to place for all businesses worldwide. With markets locking down due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are switching their marketing and commerce efforts online. These days, many business owners feel lost in cyberspace. That’s where the work of people like Aleksandar Urdarevik becomes crucial.

A twenty-seven-year-old digital entrepreneur, Aleksandar has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing sphere. He is the founder and owner of the premier marketing agency Intra Branda, a company that helps companies with anything that has to do with anything digital. Their services include marketing strategy, website design, app design, graphic design, social media, custom content, and many others. 

Aleksandar was born in Toronto, Canada. Later on, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he would spend most of his professional life. The marketing maven has always loved entrepreneurship and excelled individually at marketing brands. His company operates out of the state but serves clients from all over the country. Intra Branda is a one-stop shop for brands that want to build an online presence and dominate on digital platforms. The agency’s services come at a crucial time as the economies remain partially or even fully closed due to the worldwide crisis. At this juncture, Aleksandar’s only desire is to help companies and businesses survive or even thrive during the pandemic.

Intra Branda has a proven track record of delivering results all across the board for various brands. Most, if not all, of their marketing strategies, have come up as comprehensive and results-bearing. The agency helps companies come up with custom content that will boost their online engagement, drive vital results, and convert into clients and sales.

One of Aleksandar’s most prominent clients is celebrity Johnny Dang. Through Intra Branda’s help, Johnny has gained over two million new followers on social media through Aleksandar’s strategies and inputs. The agency also took care of Johnny’s stunning website and internal processes to improve the way things flow within the artist’s operations.

Over and beyond his strategic prowess, Aleksandar is undeniably passionate about his craft. He finds joy and satisfaction in seeing his clients grow and succeed in levels they never imagined before. In all he does, his goal is to highlight the story of others. “Our story is to tell your story,” puts the branding expert most simply. “We are not happy unless the client is happy.”

This others-centric approach to business has brought Aleksandar tremendous results for his business and the business of people he works with. Looking to the future, Aleksandar hopes to grow the Intra Branda name more by acquiring new clients and building up their reputation as one of the go-to branding companies in their circles of influence. The CEO looks to tap into more of the celebrity market and work with prominent names. Aleksandar also looks to take on work with venture capital-backed projects and startups that are looking to scale their businesses through digital marketing and promotions.

There are only great things ahead for Aleksandar and the Intra Branda family. And there seem to be no signs of the company slowing down. To learn more about Aleksandar Urdarevik and his work at Intra Branda, check out the company’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.