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Independent Hip Hop Artist Cee Ayy Cee Uses Music to Uplift and Unite

For many, music is a refuge. Some people listen to music when they are gleeful or sad, and others create music to express themselves and to communicate various messages. Whatever the purpose is, music becomes a universal language that links people from different origins with distinct experiences. Light Team Records is a music label that aspires to become one of the front runners in producing songs that resonate with listeners and tell stories that inspire others. 

Founded by Chris Chavez, aka Cee Ayy Cee, the label goes on to compose music anchored on love and the expression of the soul. Under the label, Chris has released an album in 2017, Spiritual Bangers, composed of eight songs. Some are collaborations with other independent artists like Lady Chariz, Anno Domini Nation, Xae Lox, among others. Chris would later produce two other albums, the succeeding year, Infinite and Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2, with tracks commanding the same purpose and relevance.

“Our goal has always been to uplift our people. No matter what your background is, we believe it is our duty and mission to unite and love one another. Our music is meant to energize and reawaken the dormant soul within us and create a ripple effect throughout this world,” said Chris. 

Growing up with only rap music as his friend, Chris, at an early period, already understood what music meant to many people. He was a shy kid, and he kept to himself. He would go about his day curtailing chances to socialize among the majority. With a pen and a paper, he would focus on his thoughts and translate it to a canvass. Whenever he felt the need to let out his confusion about his complicated past, he found himself writing and listening to music. Chris had his share of life’s misery; experiencing multiple near-death experiences made him realize that the world still has something in store for him.

Now 27 years old, with so many stories to tell, the rising independent hip hop artist from Los Angeles is on the move to expanding his horizon and letting a broader audience hear what his songs convey. Through his passion and commitment to crafting songs that uplift, Chris is one of the few artists who stay faithful to the core objective of the art: to express without reservations. The label that he founded intends not to compete with innumerable practitioners in the industry but focuses on the meticulous creation of songs—making it more meaningful and inspiring. Along with many other artists who think like him, Chris is hopeful that, in the future, more songs of self-expression and profound understanding of the soul will be released. 

“Our target audience is anyone who needs a friend, anyone who feels lost, anyone who needs guidance. From the person on top of the hill to the people climbing up to the people wondering whether or not they can make it up. We are here to help you take your first step,” stated Chris.

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