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I’m Me Pt. 1: Eliot Ness’s New Hip-Hop Album Is Out

Eliot Ness, Houston-based hip-hop artist, is back. The talent from Hustlaz On Tha Block Entertainment recently dropped his 2020 album last March 17. Featuring his new single and previous single releases, the album’s impressive tracklist is a testament to Eliot Ness’s talent and skill in his craft.

Hailing from Houston, the city known for its unique approach to hip-hop music, Eliot Ness is a self-made recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur. With numerous mixtapes under his belt, Eliot Ness has effectively and skillfully blended the styles of his hometown with his personal stories, struggles, and triumphs. 

His passion for hip-hop and authentic sound led him to work with some of the industry’s heavyweights, such as Paul Wall, Willie D, Daz Dillinger, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Luenell, and more. He was also invited to feature on mixtape projects with Wyclef Jean and Lil Jon. The impressive discography quickly got him the attention of music media giants MTV and VH1, who featured his works on their platforms.

Being a Houston native, music surrounded Eliot Ness growing up. He grew up as the younger brother of one of the most well-known and lauded female MCs in the world of rap. Eliot Ness’s older sister is known as The Lady of Rage of Tha Dogg Pound. Eliot watched his older sister dominate as a female artist. Growing up around her inspired a strong work ethic in Eliot to strive through adversity and make his dreams come true no matter what.

His experience as The Lady of Rage’s younger brother and his childhood in Houston has helped him create an authentic hip-hop sound personal to him. With the ever-changing times, Eliot Ness strives to deliver a sound that reflects the hip-hop he grew up with.

In an exclusive interview with Skilly Magazine Online, Eliot said, “The craft of hip-hop as we know it is being slowly stripped away and turned into a circus. A perfect example would be wrestling back in the day. Today, it is a Hollywood script. This is what hip-hop is becoming. We see it daily on reality TV.”

Determined to create music true to the hip-hop genre, Eliot has been working hard to release his new album entitled I’m Me Pt. 1. The album contains a new single entitled “Mary Jane,” which features Luenell, Devin The Dude, Yung Redd, and Tony Mack and was produced by Bruce Bang. Along with his new single, the album also contains previous releases such as “Small Time GMix,” featuring Scarface, Willie D, Daz Dillinger, and produced by Worm, and “Fast Lane” featuring Hogg Booma, produced by Bruce Bang. Eliot’s new sound has left hip-hop enthusiasts giddy for a Pt. 2 album. 

Eliot Ness prides himself in his unique music, which reflects his everyday reality, the people he grew up with, and those in his present environment. Aside from hustling to expand the hip-hop scene, Eliot Ness has also been working to raise health awareness in struggling communities. His advocacy is primarily centered on congenital heart disease and lupus.To stay updated on Eliot Ness and his music, more information and links to his social media handles are available on his online profile.