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Hustlers’ Feast: The Story Behind the Motivational Platform for Entrepreneurs

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Hustlers’ Feast is a virtual community where entrepreneurs and hustlers from different industries can unite and motivate one another. The platform was created not only to celebrate the accomplishments of each member but also to celebrate the risks they took in pursuing and not giving up on their dreams. Today, its sub-community, Hustlers’ Feast University, equips these hard workers with financial literacy so they can rise in the real world.

The woman behind the creation of Hustlers’ Feast is Adaeze “Queen Angel” Henry, an incredible talent manager, entrepreneur, and business mogul. She is best known for managing the social media sensation Jasmin Brown, also known as Watch Jazzy, who has amassed 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Born to a Jamaican father and a Nigerian mother who were very entrepreneurial-minded, Queen and her siblings were brought up with a mindset that “success is within reach, where proper preparation and hard work exist.” With that, the entertainment mogul of Hustlers’ Feast carried this motivational reminder throughout her life, and it has pushed her to strive for more excellence, whether in school, work, or business.

With determination, dedication, and commitment in mind, Queen wanted to create a community where like-minded industry hustlers and entrepreneurs could gather and be one another’s support system, all the while learning valuable information about credit and other relevant topics for financial literacy. With that, she established Hustlers’ Feast University, and today, she leads the platform in building entrepreneurial leaders for different industries.

Aside from her Hustlers’ Feast endeavors, she also published an e-book entitled Ways to Manage Your Debt and Credit During a Pandemic. Through this book, she helps people understand the fundamentals of financial literacy. The basics and all relevant information are thoroughly discussed to inform the readers. The book was written to cater to people facing the same reality she faced as a single mom during the onset of COVID-19. At one point, she went on panic mode as she feared complete shutdowns from the pandemic and started listing new ways to take her businesses to the next level. This situation pushed her to increase her social media presence, establish stronger connections with influencers, and establish Hustlers’ Feast University.

Ultimately, she hopes to be the best version of herself so she can continue helping others. For Queen, she was motivated by the lack of mentorship in her industry. “No one wants to help you, and if you’re a woman, it’s hard to receive help. And if you’re a black woman, like myself, it’s harder to receive help. So I decided to self-motivate myself and others, which lead to the making of Hustlers’ Feast,” shares the rising entertainment talent manager.

In the future, Queen hopes to become a business mogul. She hopes to establish multiple seven-figure businesses. But more than this, she seeks to expand Hustlers’ Feast to greater heights. She hopes to serve as a consultant for those needing help in business or other industries and a catalyst for change for those potential entrepreneurs “waiting” to start.

Learn more about Hustlers’ Feast and Queen Angel’s book on financial literacy by visiting its official website and Instagram. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.