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Hudson Rose Is Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere for Everyone With a Challenge

Hudson Rose is living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and he is not allowing any of that stop him from enjoying life. He lives with different challenges and struggles, and he has grown to embrace them. He has a positive outlook about life as he has come to accept that life itself is challenging for everyone. Thus, he sees his disability as just a slight inconvenience to an already challenging life. He is not living in denial, and he has had his share of depression, but he finds a way to block out the voices and enjoy life.

All of these have awakened his consciousness to realize that he is not the only person going through things like these. And that has motivated him to start a blog named Openly Broken to share his challenges and his hopes for things to get better. He has to regularly fight voices that tell him he cannot do anything, but through his blog, he sheds light on some of his positive experiences as a cerebral palsy patient. He has enjoyed amazing friendships with people who offer to help him in his wheelchair as well as discounts when buying tickets or passes and many other benefits that he personally enjoys. So, he does not see it as being that bad.

His goal is for anyone with a disability to feel confident despite their condition and take on the world head-on. He wants other people to think about Hudson Rose and immediately snap out of their state of anxiety and depression. He wants his name to give people a flicker of positivity and encouragement to never feel down.

In his words, “I know, from personal experience, what it’s like to live as a person with a disability. I know what it’s like to have physical limitations and learning disabilities. I know what it’s like to be different and to feel like you are not good enough. I know what it’s like to feel like an outcast and to feel like others don’t take you seriously. I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t fit in. I know what it’s like to struggle with finding a job. I know what it’s like to take forever to get dressed and ready in the morning. I know what it’s like to be treated like a child because of my limitations. I know what it’s like to have to plan out everything ahead of time to make sure everywhere I go is handicap accessible. I know what it’s like to have kids stare at me and ask me what’s wrong with me. I know what it’s like to get tired from walking even short distances. These are experiences I can speak to from personal experience, and my goal is for others who struggle with these issues to be encouraged and strengthened by reading my blog.”

Everything he does centers around anyone who feels they are different or not good enough. Openly Broken is an avenue to read Hudson Rose’s personal experiences and find someone who can see the positives in disability. Hudson Rose plans to run his blog to a point where he gets thousands of readers monthly, and then get companies and organizations that support people with disabilities to place adverts. He also plans to sell some merchandise promoting positivity and confidence. Essentially, he hopes to build a community where everyone can benefit, share stuff, and uplift one another.

Learn more about Hudson Rose on his blog and follow him on Instagram.