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How the APE-X Meme Community Guarantees Liquidity

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

APE-X provides high-risk investment opportunities while developing an ecosystem that protects the welfare of all its holders. Seeing that more and more crypto enthusiasts are becoming aggressive in their investment choices, the creators of the community deemed it vital to establish a niche crypto meme community that has the potential to grow significantly over time. While several coins are inclined towards promoting dogs, such as Shiba Inus, DOGECoin, and SHIB, APE-X is finding it more profitable to highlight the qualities of apes. 

5% of all transactions within the APE-X is compiled in the token contract. The moment it is collected, half of it is automatically sold to BUSD. The remaining half of APE-X and the recently acquired BUSD will be put together and redirected to the liquidity pool. Apart from liquidity generation, investors are also attracted to the community frictionless yield, which makes things a lot easier for crypto enthusiasts who invested their money in the token space. 4% of all transactions will be automatically distributed to all APE-X holders according to their appropriate proportion. This means that those who own more tokens will get higher yields. Investors no longer need to waste gas and do staking. They only need to wait for the benefits of their investment. 

“We believe that there is a cultural revolution currently happening in finance. This revolution is being fuelled by people who want to take their finances into their own hands and have the ability to access financial instruments with high investment potential, which are typically only reserved for institutions and high net worth individuals,” the community’s creators shared. “A subset of these people are what we refer to as apes – those that invest in tokens solely for the reason that they connect with the meme of the token and it offers the potential for high ROI.”

Undoubtedly, APE-X has captured a special market of investors who find the apes engaging and fun. They no longer have to ride on the present popularity of the dog crypto memes but instead created a whole new niche that future animal meme communities can also tap into. 

Currently, APE-X is in its second phase, and holders will see the initiative to apply for new exchange listings, the development of the community’s DAO App, the building of partnerships with big social media platforms, and the launching of the APE-X merchandise store. 

They are also hosting a massive giveaway for a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT to one lucky holder of the APE-X token. Full details are available on their website. The third phase is the part where the community votes for the initiatives to be undertaken in 2022. 

Phase 3, on the other hand, will involve the community in voting for its 2022 initiatives. This stage will also see the forging of partnerships with artists for an NFT series and more exchange listings. 

Learn more about APE-X by visiting its website. Follow the community on Twitter to get updates on the latest developments. Check it out on Instagram for more information on the community.