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How Team Momentum’s SALES System Is Helping Small Businesses Scale Their Growth

Alexandra Rene entered sales in corporate America with high hopes and glimmering dreams of drool-worthy commissions and rewards—and promptly fell flat on her face. As it turned out, her sales skills were far from perfect; her manager even threatened to fire her because of her performance. After sulking awhile and nursing her hurt feelings, she saw through the cracks of the fixed mindset that everyone else on the team had and realized that that was something she never wanted to have. She wanted a dynamic, efficient, and momentum-powered mindset to help her and others live life on their own terms. Thus, Team Momentum was born.

Alexandra started Team Momentum with the vision to educate, empower, and create opportunity for service-based entrepreneurs so that they can create their own wealth and live a life on their own terms. She personally lives by the principle that anything can be taught, success can be learned, and that the future is most promising for those who want to make a positive impact—which is exactly what she hopes to do with her company.

Her coaching and consulting services are a combination of sales strategies, proprietary technology, and sustainable business systems. She has observed that many other coaches and consultants create solutions for one or two of these facets but not all three. It has been two years since she started her own company, and she has learned that people often do not know what exactly about their business is holding them back from reaching their revenue/business goals. In her program, she has devised a system that helps people to holistically look at their business to make changes in the right MLM facets to get the best results.

Team Momentum’s clients are service-based businesses such as coaching, consultancy, web design, etc., that are struggling to find new clients. Most of the time, these businesses do not have systems built into their business and do not charge enough for their services. In these cases, the business owners themselves have likely not had any sort of formal sales training.

Her solution is called the SALES System. It all starts with a Signature Offer; the team works to create an offer that is compelling and unique. Next is Analyzing the Market. The team looks at who the business is targeting, makes sure it is a viable market, and looks at microniches in the market. Lead Generation is where Team Momentum’s proprietary technology comes in. The company uses cutting-edge technology to generate leads, saving business owners significant time and money. The next step is Enlighten on the Phone—this is where Alexandra teaches entrepreneurs how to facilitate a sales call that provides value. Lastly, the program teaches Scale with Systems. Here, the company teaches business owners how to introduce automation—because being on the phone with clients and prospects all day can get exhausting.

Team Momentum was founded on the belief that sales and business success can be taught and that self-education is essential to overall success and happiness in life.

In the future, Alexandra plans to extend her coaching to cater toward the younger demographic (college age or just out of college) to be able to share everything she personally wishes she knew about business and life before she entered the corporate life. Developing young and ambitious entrepreneurs is a dream of hers that she wants to fulfill through Team Momentum.Read more about Team Momentum on the website.

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