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How Real-Life Superman Nicholas Poulin Went From a Humble Farm Boy to Owning His Own Health & Wellness Company

When it comes to Hollywood films or television series, we see stories that portray people going from rags to riches. Some of them can be very heartwarming, while others almost seem too ridiculous to believe. Founder and CEO of Poulin Health & Wellness Nicholas Poulin’s story could easily have come from fiction.

Nicholas was raised on a farm, where he was involved in physical activities helping his family around from an early age. Daily chores helped him build up his physique and endurance. By the time he turned 19, he had decided that he would move to New York City and pursue his career and fitness.

He would work several years, often working 90 hours a week and “paying his dues.” It may have been luck or even a stroke of fate that Nicholas would get the opportunity to work with several moguls in New York City. 

While fitness is often thought to be more about lifting weights, his approach went beyond that as he focused on the hospitality aspect of fitness. Nicholas would give each member his undivided attention, privacy, and motivate them with positivity. He has worked with several big names of the world, traveling with them on business trips and training them in private facilities or their estates.

Nicholas would later found Poulin Health & Wellness, a member’s club for the business moguls of New York City, giving them accessibility to privacy and helping them achieve unparalleled results that they deserve. With a professional background in pain medicine and rehabilitation, Nicholas is known for exceeding expectations. 

He has worked in partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel, The Center For Preventive Medicine, and several doctors. Nicholas is a member of the International Sports Science Association. There he is noted as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is also certified at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, having done over 3,000 assessments. 

Nicholas has seen many health problems go away thanks to the help of weight training, stretching, and consistency. He has worked on several ailments that include bone density, atrophy, shoulder pain, and knee pain. Nicholas takes pride in striving for a pain-free life in his members.

Poulin Health & Wellness applies many of Nicholas’s experiences and practices into their programs. They base their training programs on thorough science-based assessments of their client’s needs. Among their assessments, they cover cardiorespiratory, muscle strength, balance, range of motion, and body fat composition, to name a few. Most of their assessments are made to match the member’s goals and skill levels. 

Nicholas enjoys working as a motivational coach and helping people in communities. He constantly volunteers and raises money for cancer, working on behalf of his family, namely his younger sister, aunt, and grandmother. Nicholas hopes to use his life and experience as a source of inspiration for farm boys in small towns who want to make it big in the big city, showing how he overcame a lot of things and people’s doubts that he would be anything more than a blue-collar worker.

To know more about Poulin Health & Wellness, you may visit their website. They are also available on social media sites like Facebook.