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How Mike Crowson’s Entrepreneurial Ventures Produced Two Companies

Many entrepreneurs venture into businesses that are equally fulfilling and profitable. For Mike Crowson, he has been working in two industries that he loves: coffee and branding.

Growing up in a small town in Alabama, Mike Crowson moved to the Big Apple when he was 22 years old to chase his entrepreneurial dream. Early in his career, he had the opportunity to join the marketing team as an employee of the flagship media-based mega monsters. There he developed the experience that would set him up to be successful in his own ventures.

By 2016, Mike left the supplement company to once again focus on his ventures. At that time, he ran the backend marketing for multiple individuals in the fitness industry. It was then that he met his future wife, and after a few months into their long-distance relationship, they came up with the idea that could change everything — an online coffee company.

The idea developed, and Mike had the opportunity to start a supplement company launched in Dallas, Texas. A month later, Mike and Abbey launch Coffee Over Cardio.

Coffee Over Cardio is a coffee company that is meant for females. Falling into the millennial group and described to follow trends, this generation was made to empower and lift one another as they take on self-growth and business growth. As Mike and Abbey conducted their research with this vision, they designed the bags, the site, and tested the coffees from their little apartment. They launched their first four roasts in December 2017. 

Fast forward to three years, and the company has launched over 40 products that include coffees, k-cups, apparel, electrolytes, creamers, and more. They scaled quickly to break over $5 million in sales this year alone without having any investors.

Six months into their initial launch in 2017, Abbey left her finance job in Houston to work full-time at Coffee Over Cardio, joining Mike in Dallas, Texas. Together, she supported Mike in his marketing business. Within a few short months and a couple of new small-business clients, their consulting marketing company developed into Fit Legacy Marketing Agency.

Fit Legacy is a team that provides expansive capabilities. While most agencies focus on a single source of marketing as their specialty, Fit Legacy brings specialty needs to scale small businesses quickly and efficiently through several means; this includes social media advertising, affiliate programs, website optimization, graphics, email strategies, and more.

Mike is targeting Fit Legacy to grow even larger within the next few years. Today, they only take in one or two new clients on a monthly basis with a high retention rate. They are hoping to bring in more skill sets and expand their project teams that can allow them to continue to produce more and do more for their clients. With Coffee Over Cardio, Mike is projecting an annual sale of $20 million with ecomm sales. They are aiming to break over 30k subscribers with the intention of global production for international customers.

To find out more about Mike Crowson, you may visit his website or follow him on Instagram.