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How Cass Cardelle’s Passion Keeps Her Moving Forward in the Entertainment Industry

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

People in the entertainment industry often begin as individuals who share a passion for performance, whether it was the influence of movies, television programs, or even theater—the desire to step up and perform left a significant impact on them.

Cass Cardelle is among those who were blown away by the art of acting. Born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Cass showed her passion from an early age. She began with dance in the form of ballet, studying at the Boston Ballet School for twelve years. While dazzling the audience on the dancefloor, her passion for creativity extended with her talent for singing. 

The applause and the cheers encouraged her to nourish her talents, so she left Boston for Los Angeles, intent on making it in the entertainment industry. Cass had a game plan: pursue acting while making music on the side.

While that may sound simple, the opportunities took some time to come by. Like every big name celebrity once experienced early in their career, she continually auditioned for roles and found herself facing some rejection. This was not easy to take in, but Cass already knew the entertainment industry would be difficult to break into. 

Over time, she was able to nail down gigs. Cass was able to experience being on a dating show on CMT, where she was flown to Alabama to look for love. As for her music career, she was granted the opportunity to fly to Japan to perform. Cass also received offers to work with brands through social media, as well as taking part in print modeling for websites and small campaign ads.

Things had been going well for Cass until she found her career on a halt two years ago. She found herself with a severe injury that saw her fracture eight bones. This put her on the recovery road for about five months and still becomes anxious about it. During this, she was unable to continue other hobbies like working in retail, personal shopping, attending castings and photoshoots, or making music. 

However, Cass found a way to continue projecting her creativity and take steps to slowly rebuild her career and write down all her goals.

Since the pandemic forced many cities to go into lockdown, Cass kept herself busy by collaborating with several brands curating content, make sketches and write more original music. During this time, she was able to release a music video for her song ‘Lying’ on YouTube. Cass has also begun to create graphic t-shirts and plans to use a percentage of the sale to donate to charities of her choice. She will also be donating part of the sale to help Lebanon rebuild.Cass Cardelle is active on her social media pages, where you can find updates on her graphic t-shirts and other exclusive content. She has accounts that you may follow on Instagram and Twitter. Cass also has a page on IMDB.