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Horror Fellas NFT Brings Augmented Reality to a Continuously Evolving NFT World

Digital powerhouses, the creators of Horror Fellas NFT, are stepping into the digital ring with something entirely different. They have thought out a world where terrifying horror characters and augmented reality create an immersive experience like no other. With social media integrated into this innovative ecosystem for art lovers who want their creativity combined with blockchain technology, it’s genuinely novel as not only does it combine two industries but also offers new ways people can share content on multiple platforms all while being immersed in a world of horror right on a mobile phone.

With an innovative collection of scary and frightening images, the NFT will take you on a journey to new heights. However, Horror Fellas is not just about scary images. The team behind the project has announced the intended launch of its AR mobile application so users can interact closely with the characters in the collection.

The creators of the collection shared, “Our NFT collection is inspired by stories, horror movies and thrillers from the end of the last century. We are avid fans of horror themes and are tired of seeing the trivial and joyful collections on the marketplace. Pixel art and cute animals are not about us! Our artists work day and night to create truly rare and frightening characters for you.”

The creators of the horror-inspired NFT have created a unique and exciting new collectible for collectors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and those interested in augmented reality. The first 10,000 Horror Fellas will be available for minting on the Solana blockchain network with an algorithmically generated token, making each of them unique. However, the creators have also said that only ten thousand of these tokens will be created, and once they’re all acquired, there will be no more.

Horror Fellas was created to evoke fear in those who see it. In an extensive roadmap for Horror Fellas, different milestones have been earmarked as potential points for users to purchase artwork from its creators and what they hope to achieve through these actions. Potential investors and holders can follow the collection’s Twitter page to get updates as they happen.

The collection has taken social media by storm, even earning a shoutout from Arman Izadi. Izadi is a renowned businessman known for his love of arts and NFTs, as shown in his Instagram. Izadi also talked about the collection on his Twitter, showing his appreciation for the unique and scary art.

NFTs are a new and exciting way to invest digitally. Horror Fellas NFT is creating ways to partner with other projects on the Solana blockchain and donating some of its profits from marketing and development towards charity! The creators have plans to introduce more horror-themed content into this collection while also making it possible to fuse two different NFTs to create a new rare NFT for phase 3.

The third phase of Horror Fellas will be a revolution in augmented reality technology. Once minting goes live, users simply need to connect their Solana Sollet or Phantom wallet and collect as many tokens as possible. The future is here now at last: horror fiction meets cutting-edge NFT technology.Learn more about Horror Fellas on the official website.

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