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Hip Hop’s Newest Artist Ojefe Shows Music Continues Even With a Countrywide Lockdown

Throughout mankind’s history, we’ve had various creations that have helped us advance through life, leaving generations with blueprints to evolve. Among the most significant creations, music has been one of the most meaningful and significant breakthroughs.

Music is an important factor in everyone’s lives as it offers an easy  outlet to express feelings and emotions. Legacies have been forged, and names like Robert Johnson, Tupac, and Michael Jackson, to name a few, will forever remain. The countless songs of these artists left thousands, if not millions, with inspiration to build a name and legacy for themselves. Among those inspired is artist Ojefe who is currently skyrocketing to fame.

Ojefe grew up in Montgomery Village, Maryland, where he has spent the majority of his life. Like others before him, music made a significant impact. As a kid, he grew up under the influence of music, primarily from rap music.

By 2010, he began to write his own lyrics. What started as a hobby grew into something more, and eight years later, he began to take his songwriting more seriously. As he honed his craft, he received plenty of positive feedback that kept him going.

Ojefe comes from Panamanian and Jamaican backgrounds. He embraces his culture and uses it as inspiration for his music videos on YouTube. 

His music style is primarily in the same beat of hip hop, but he uses an original format flow. The songs he releases are comprehensive, and he makes sure that his listeners can understand what he’s rapping about with his explicit lyrics. In most of Ojefe’s songs, he taps 808 and trap beats that are highly charged with energy and frequency.

As a musician, Ojefe is consistent with releasing his work content. His open-mindedness allows him to comfortably step out of his comfort zone so he can elevate himself. Since the quarantine season, Ojefe has been more active, as seen in Khroam produced record shows. 

Knowing that he is in a position to use his influence, Ojefe reaches for his goal to inspire the younger generation who share the same passion for hip hop culture that he had as a child. Although he had been incarcerated for 4 ½ in prison for past mistakes, he is motivated to grind hard and set a better example for the next generation of musicians, so they don’t repeat his mistakes.

Ojefe’s passion for music is evident in his dedication and willingness to run the extra mile. For years, he has been investing in himself independently and letting his work ethic show dominance. 

Since then, he has been reaping his rewards. Ojefe has already performed in major cities throughout the country. With other artists, he has performed in Silver Spring, Maryland, Atlanta, Florida, Austin, Texas, Brooklyn, New York, and Washington DC, to name a few.

For more updates on his music, you may follow Ojefe on Twitter and Instagram. His tracks are also available on several music apps like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Spinrilla. Ojefe also posts his music on his YouTube channel