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GuardeX Masks Gears Public to Feel Safer Outside Homes

With the current health threat being invisible to the naked eye, one can only get the assurance of safety from gears such as face masks and face shields. Upon noticing that the market lacks high-grade face masks, GuardeX New York released its game-changing, affordable antiviral and antibacterial face mask, equipped with ProteX filters to ensure the general public’s safety.

Amid the pandemic, safety is people’s top priority. Unlike most fashion masks, GuardeX goes beyond aesthetics and delivers what people need in their everyday protective gear. The brand gives people “optimism, energy, and protection needed to resume their daily lives, in a worry-free manner.” On top of face masks, the company will also produce its antibacterial wipes and sanitizing lotion. 

The GuardeX mask is designed to fit anyone for any occasion. Its sleek features make it recognizable as an icon for safety in today’s challenging times. It is the first in its category to become FDA registered and lab tested. The surgical-grade replaceable ProteX filters feature ensures a 95% efficiency over its competitors. Such protection gives users the confidence to tackle whatever activity they may face outside of their homes and return to their families safe and sound. 

GuardeX uses an antibacterial, antiviral, and moisture-wicking fabric that allows users to breathe with ease. Compared to its competitors in the industry, the mask is 40% lighter than others giving customers the comfort as they wear it through the day. It does not leave harsh marks on the face, nor does it strain the skin from too much friction. The mask also has an adjustable earloop, making it easy for everyone to custom-fit the gear into their face.

GuardeX’s primary goal is to proactively liberate the public from their worries of facing the outside world. And so, their corporate responsibility goes beyond merely producing quality products. The mask can be washed up to 60 times without degrading the quality of the fabric. Customers also get five ProteX filters with every purchase. Each filter can withstand up to ten wears. 

The company also ensures that they observe sustainable practices. The mask is not only reusable but economical. This poses a solution for the waste generated by disposable face masks. In addition, the product also comes with a sterile reusable zip pouch. 

“We want you to step beyond staying home and start taking an active role of staying ahead by gearing up to living safer rather than staying safe,” said GuardeX CEO and founder Neel Elsherif. Indeed, adapting to a precautionary lifestyle is challenging. Still, the company is encouraging everyone to take risks with the right protective gear. The mask is an innovative movement to change the way people see safety and lead them toward a more dynamic lifestyle. 

GuardeX was founded in March and has been dedicated to improving its products to serve the public better. In their advocacy to keep many people safe, the company donates one mask for every mask purchased. The brand has served and donated over 30,000 masks to pay their success forward to various professionals, including teachers, healthcare workers, and the fire department of New York City. 

To learn more about GuardeX and its innovative products, visit their website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates.