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Get the Iconic turn podpak for Free this Cyber Week!

Get the Iconic turn podpak for Free this Cyber Week!
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Often merited as an industry disruptor, the brand ‘turn’ carves out a distinctive niche in California’s rich cannabis and lifestyle scene. Having established a strong footing in Southern California, it prides itself on the unmatched quality of its cannabis and hemp oils, the newest technology in vaping devices, such as its legendary ‘turn podpak’ and ‘turn vape pen,’ along with high-quality, Southern California-inspired clothing line and accessories.

In a surprising move from tradition, turn has declared an extension to their enticing offer this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to last all week until Friday at midnight. Recognized for its selective sales and discerning discounts, turn is abandoning its familiar tradition to please its customers. It offers an unprecedented 25% off on all merchandise sitewide and a complimentary podpak vape kit for orders exceeding $100. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity to seize your favorite merchandise at a staggering rebate.

turn’s apparel deserves special mention, fashion not only to the highest standards but also accoutred with ‘goldilocks’ fits and durability to endure countless seasons. The merchandise range is vast and innovative, from personalized sherpa-lined hoodies to chic transit fanny packs and everything in between. Hurry to shop for authentic turn-style socks, joggers, crop hoodies, and so much more on this fantastic sale.

turn’s venerated podpak is the stuff of internet legends. It’s a big-battery charging case thoughtfully designed right to the most minute detail, much to the pleasure of vape enthusiasts worldwide. It flash-charges in just five minutes, can house one vape (podpen) plus two pods, and has the capacity to power the podpen up to 8 times. Skillfully built from high-grade stainless steel, this podpak champion defines compactness and discretion.

Moreover, its intricate design ensures a mess-free vaping experience while keeping the aroma of cannabis nicely contained. They are puzzled if they are earbuds or fancy mints. Well, that’s better left unanswered. This playfully enigmatic style reinforces turn’s brand motto: “It’s your turn.”

The turn podpak has revolutionized vaping, exhibiting an elaborate range of distinctive features. Its portability, however, is what makes it a favorite among users. A perfect fit within your pockets, this device brings you the quintessential vaping experience anytime, anywhere. 

This Cyber Week is your golden chance to garner this internet sensation for free. To avail of this gift worth cherishing, you only need to purchase over $100.

turn invites you to indulge in this trove of savings, urging you to make the most of this offer while it lasts. ‘turn’ the tables on your regular shopping spree and stock up on your favorite cannabis and lifestyle brand. 

There might never be a better time to upgrade to turn’s quintessential So-Cal-inspired lifestyle, basking in the high-quality cannabis and hemp oils, the unparalleled vape technology, or the trendy apparel and accessories. Grab this opportunity to experience the pleasures of turn’s celebrated products at a steal!

From outfits designed precisely to fit just right to the enigmatic podpak, turn manifests its promise to deliver quality and style. As the brand often says, “It’s your turn” – a potent reminder to seize this opportunity. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, so don’t wait for the last minute. Grab this offer while it’s hot!

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