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Geez Da Gawd: On Making A Significant Noise in the Rap Industry

Known for his hit single in 2018, “Little Brother,” Geez Da Gawd is an upcoming hip-hop star who is making a significant noise in the rap industry. The rising rap artist shares his musical journey as he finds himself breaking through the barriers of the music arena.

Born in Park Heights, Baltimore, and raised in the Westside of Detroit, Geez Da Gawd is a rapper, songwriter, and sound engineer who started creating music five years ago. While his songs were featured in well-known radio stations such as 92Q Jams Baltimore and 93.3 WKYS DC, his musical career gained much of the public’s attention in 2018 when he released his single “Little Brother” produced by Gtrak. The track became a hit, and he quickly rose in the industry. 

The 28-year-old rapper currently runs Prominence Recording Studio in Maryland. His skill as a sound engineer has allowed him to produce all his music by himself. From the beats, mixing, and mastering the recording down to the songs’ publishing and marketing, he takes care of it all. Indeed, the unmatched work ethic and unparalleled dedication Geez Da Gawd possesses are what make him stand out from his fellow rap artists.

What Geez Da Gawd loves most as an artist is the “freedom” that it comes with it. He points out that as an artist, he is free to create music at his own pace. The most rewarding feeling for him is seeing people realize the amount of hard work that was put in creating his art. 

Geez Da Gawd was motivated by his mission to hear “something different” for himself. He spent a lot of his time listening to artists such as Future, G Herbo, Peezy, Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung Og, Young Thug, Lil Dirk, Big Sean, and more. Much of his songs are influenced by these impressive artists as well.

For the Prominence Records founder, it is always a struggle to make a breakthrough in the music industry and get the recognition that artists like him deserve. He points out that this reality is the greatest hurdle each music artist needs to overcome. “Gotta elevate above the noise level to really stand out. It takes a lot of hard work to break out of the underground,” expresses the rapper.

The promising hip-hop star also acknowledges that there were many times when he wanted to give up on his dreams. Fortunately, his supporters kept him going. Receiving direct messages from fans telling him how his music helped them overcome difficult times continues to inspire Geez Da Gawd to create more of his craft. “I realize that I have a responsibility to carry people through their moments,” he points out.

Today, Geez Da Gawd has gained a large following on social media with over 11,000 followers on Instagram and amassing 200,000 views on Youtube. He keeps his listeners within reach as he creates music that narrates the relatable struggles, victories, and failures that happen in his life. New listeners to this rap artist may need to ready themselves and buckle up for the ride, and that is because he keeps his music real, raw, and uncut.To know more about Geez Da Gawd, visit his official Instagram.