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Gabrielle Gibson Connects and Empowers Women with the Water Your Garden Community

After battling some traumatic experiences during her college years, Gabrielle Gibson is on her way to help other women overcome obstacles in life. She hopes to be able to empower them with the use of her blog — Water Your Garden.

Gabrielle, the founder of the blog, Water Your Garden, is like any other woman, with the exception of choosing to let fear be overcome with her commitment to healing, rather than allowing life to win easily. As she was honest with herself and others about what she has dealt with, she was able to inspire others with her vulnerability to do the same. 

With society as it currently is, women are treated like dolls. They are expected to be flawless in everything they do, have, look, say, and deal with grievous judgments. Everyone’s social media-based lifestyle is taking effects on how women think they should be living and operating their lives with labels and expectations. Society dictates that women should only post their highlights and success and leave the flaws under the blanket. 

This time, Gabrielle fights alongside other women, to stop letting society dictate who they are supposed to be and live on their terms. With Water Your Garden, women can have a safe place to talk about their stories of hope, healing, and strength without feeling negative connotations or feeling less than because of what they have been through. 

Water Your Garden is like a second version of social media platforms, but better. There will be no filter or edits to the post of this blog to make them “worthy”. It will only be overflowing with authentic stories of women all across the country. This is a unique stratagem used for women to understand the underlying importance and power of personal stories. This blog focuses on reminding all women that being perfect is not what is needed to be accepted. 

A venue with women of all color, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, weight, religious beliefs, and political affiliations is what Gabrielle hopes for. A place where relationships status, career status, and even physical appearance do not matter. It would be a place where everyone can connect, engage, help, and build each other to flourish into the best selves while living with acceptance. Water Your Garden is a community where women support other women that come as they are, with their stories of miscarriages, loss of a parent, self-worth, dating, identity in society, falling victim to the comparison game, the struggles of entrepreneurship, and the like. The sky’s the limit for topics one can share in this blog.

Gabrielle has the ability to see beyond what the eyes can see and connect to everyone’s souls, and she hopes to let other women feel the joy of understanding and accepting others. She wants every woman to be undaunted by their fears and instead be filled with excitement and hope for what their garden can become. Her goal is to make women step out of the comfort zone and embark on a journey filled with faith and courage. 

Gabrielle is currently interviewing women in preparation for the launch of her blog on the 12th of October.

Connect with Gabrielle on her Instagram and subscribe to her blog to learn more about her and her works.

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