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Funky Bunnies, a Promising New Entrant into the NFT Scene

Amid the doubts over their value, non-fungible tokens continue to capture the interest of not only those who are well-versed in the comings and goings of the digital asset industry. A year after they hit the mainstream, NFTs are proving naysayers wrong by becoming a staple in the financial realm. No longer a fad, they keep growing in prominence, inspiring a roster of creators and companies to launch their own collections. Funky Bunnies is one among the new entrants into the space, one that is bound to stand out even in the face of the countless projects that are now vying for a coveted spot in the limelight.

Funky Bunnies is a collection of 3,333 randomly generated tokenized bunnies whose story is set a thousand years into the future. While exploring the Metaverse, these must-have characters entered a town of punks, a move that would lead to their evolution. Currently, the project, which features a new kind of art designed and styled by the Asia-based studio AllenxRoot, is making a buzz and promises to emerge as one of the power players in the NFT scene this year. 

To be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, Funky Bunnies offers tokens that are more than just the usual PFP. Evident in its characters is the creator’s expertise in marrying cuteness with punky appearances. Painstakingly made from scratch and 3D-rendered, every bunny boasts a highly distinctive styling not found on any other tokenized character.

Minting any of the Funky Bunnies will provide holders a chance to see the collection develop into a WEB3 Innovation brand. Additionally, owning the rabbits will give them access to a long list of perks, from merchandise drops and a play-to-earn game to WEB3 coaching sessions.

Although much of the anticipation revolving around Funky Bunnies can be credited to the quality of its art and host of benefits, its rise through the ranks is also thanks to what the project has stood for from the get-go.

“When the creator was in his teenage years, he was unable to buy any crypto as he wasn’t born to a wealth of privileges,” shared the team at the helm of the collection. “Like millions of people across the globe, he struggled his way to the top. But, he proves a testament to the fact that talent can supersede all kinds of obstacles. Now, he wants to create a better world with his art.”

Ultimately, Funky Bunnies seeks to offer the NFT community something more than art and utility. More than anything else, it intends to deliver a sense of completeness to every token holder, sparking emotions that other projects haven’t succeeded in inducing. Their Twitter is gaining a good amount of traction.

In the months to come, the digital asset industry expects a flood of more collections birthed by artists and ventures that have recognized the value NFTs bring to the table. This inundation is a daunting challenge for those hoping to hog the spotlight, but the strategic minds behind Funky Bunnies are confident that they will manage to propel this purpose-driven initiative to great heights.

A strong community of prospective holders has formed on Discord while the project continues to ramp up supporters on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Their Instagram has just gained above 40k following recently.