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FUNdamentals for Foster Care Reinforces Education Through Toys

Being in the foster care system can be a very traumatic childhood experience. Among the most affected aspects in a foster child’s life is education because of the constant transfer from one foster home to the next. Understanding how difficult such transitions can be, FUNdamentals for Foster Care sets out its mission to help foster children through educational toys to be actively engaged in learning no matter where they are. 

FUNdamentals for Foster Care is a non-profit organization founded by Cheryl Williams, who also serves as its executive director. Cheryl experienced foster care firsthand when she was put into the system in her sophomore year of high school. It was a challenging experience. Cheryl felt as if her brain stopped working amid all the chaos of being in the system. But she was determined to pursue her education, and eventually, she got her GED and finished college with a 4.0 GPA. However, the whole process took her ten years.

Not wanting any foster child to ever go through the tiresome transitions in the system, Cheryl envisioned FUNdamentals for Foster Care to lend a helping hand by engaging children with educational toys. The organization gives science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics toys to foster children to face their transition. It is under the non-profit program called STEAM toys.

“I wanted to develop a program that helps youth in foster care develop career confidence and life skills at any age in care, even when no dependable parents or mentors are available. We are trying to bridge the gap by providing learning tool kits that they can take with them anywhere,” said Cheryl. FUNdamentals for Foster Care is recognized for its unique mission by local agencies who quickly noticed that their mission was different and profound.

FUNdamentals for Foster Care is indeed playing a vital role in today’s troubled times. Cheryl emphasized that depression, unemployment, drug abuse, alcoholism, sex trafficking, and suicide are increasing. To address this, non-profit organizations should take a stand and make a difference. Cheryl is at the forefront of helping foster children, who are among the most vulnerable in society. 

Even amid the pandemic, FUNdamentals for Foster Care remains strong in their mission. The organization has partnered with Chelsea’s Charity. This hero has been spreading love to foster children during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving them art supplies. Indeed, the non-profit is empowering children across the United States. They are calling for more public heroes, celebrities, and influencers to support their worthy cause. 

Cheryl Williams graduated with a degree in early childhood education. She has been working closely with other non-profit organizations for over the years and has impacted thousands of lives. Cheryl was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in Austin, Texas. She has been a part of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), care communities that give practical support for people with terminal illnesses, and Restoration Belongings, an organization that provides practical support for single mothers.

While picking out Christmas gifts for CASA children, Cheryl discovered the significant impact of giving them personalized toys that precisely match their interests. She was inspired to do it on a larger scale and focus on nurturing education, which led her to build FUNdamentals for Foster Care. Today, she focuses on reaching more children in the foster system. “We are looking for the pure-hearted champions and heroes to be a part of this growing organization,” said the founder.

To those looking to become social ambassadors by helping get the word out about the organization’s mission, connect with Cheryl through Learn more about Fundamentals for Foster Care on their website.