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Founder and Funder: Husnain Kamran – The young angel investor is helping start-ups thrive

Husnain Kamran
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Often we come across people whose success and aptitude leave us baffled and amazed. This includes artists, scientists, developers, musicians, and various other geniuses who stand out from others in terms of their accomplishments. One such person who has made it big in the investment industry is Husnain Kamran.

An entrepreneur and angel investor, Husnain is just 18 years of age. Originally hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, he moved to England in 2012. Whether you believe it or not, Husnain Kamran founded and sold two e-commerce stores when he was hardly 15. Today, he is a proud owner of an industrial group and has funded over 400 start-ups.

“From a young age, I was always academically smart,” Husnain shares. “I wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon when I was younger, and hence I always worked hard in school.” However, Husnain never went to university; instead, he focused on being an inspirational entrepreneur. Currently, he is the owner of Homegrace, a textile business that exports bedding, HK Investment group – a private investment firm that invests in crypto start-ups; and HK dollars club – a group where the members provide each other network opportunities and concierge services. 

“HK investment group is an investment firm that does not rely on small-scale investors or the general public for funding,” he reveals. “Members of our private investment firm frequently have extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency sector and other investments.”

As far as HK investment group is concerned, the company has helped Husnain achieve the most attention and respect since it has given life to several businesses that had potential. One thing is sure that all a team needs is a motivated entrepreneur with a good idea. And that is exactly what Husnain Kamran has been providing his clients.

“We look into the entrepreneurs and founding team before investing,” Husnain informs. “A mediocre idea with an A-grade team behind it can succeed as a start-up. A winning idea with a second-rate team is on an almost certain path to failure.” Husnain further explains that any start-up they look at must have a strategy, determination, and in-depth knowledge of the start-up’s market, willingness to learn, and passion.

“As most angels are aware, money alone is not a strong enough motivator for business success,” he states. “Team members need passion and a goal to get them through tough times.” This is not all! He is also the brains behind Mapogo Labs, a platform that will allow developers to use revamped UI, in-editor animation and modelling, enhanced path tracing, and more. 

According to Husnain, Mapogo Labs will be the future of the Metaverse and the new face of the digital world. In fact, we believe the whiz kid is on the right track since Mapogo Labs has already received $7,500,000 in funding from major private investment firms from around the globe.

Are you wondering how Husnain always remained so adamant about the goal to kick-start so many businesses? Did failure never cross his path? Like everyone else, he had many troubles too. But instead of focusing on the negative, this young and dynamic entrepreneur believes in always having his eyes on the prize. “Great entrepreneurs are inquisitive and never stop learning and asking questions,” he stresses. 

Husnain Kamran is also of the opinion that budding entrepreneurs should accept failure as part of the journey and always lookout for new opportunities. The key to making a name for yourself is to never give up. “One of the most important ways to get useful information is to learn from other entrepreneurs in the same stage of your business,” he advises. “Avoid competitors and try to exchange your information and knowledge with them. This can make networking mutually beneficial and lead to potential future opportunities.”

Husnain Kamran may be just a teenager for many who are not familiar with him, but in the world of start-ups and investments, he is a saviour and a great inspiration for people who are all set to launch their businesses. “I firmly believe that what or where your inspiration comes from is irrelevant; what matters is how you’re going to use it to produce something worthwhile,” he concludes.

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