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Former Trump Attorney John Eastman Thrown Under the Bus

Donald Trump's influence over people dwindles in new poll
Donald Trump's influence over people dwindles in new poll

In a hearing before Congress, Trump’s conservative attorney John Eastman detailed how he helped the former President overturn the 2020 election. The strategy didn’t go unnoticed though as it only led to more scrutiny.

John Eastman is a former lawyer connected to the Claremont Institute think tank who helped plan Trump’s strategy for retaining power despite his defeat in 2020.

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Despite his association with the former President, Trump says he sees no reason he should defend Eastman, according to Rolling Stone.

Two sources close to the former President shared that Trump was not pleased with the attention focused on his former advisor John Eastman during these public hearings.

He has been distancing himself from his attorney since the hearing.

Eastman wrote a memo detailing a last-ditch plan for Vice President Mike Pence to block eventual president Joe Biden’s certification on January 6th, 2021, during the Congressional proceeding that was interrupted by Capitol riot.

It is interesting to note that despite the piling evidence of contacting Eastman for legal advice, Trump claims he barely knows the attorney.

Three unnamed sources have reportedly told the outlet that Trump’s legal team has advised him not to discuss attorney John Eastman, in order to minimize potential exposure.

Rolling Stone also reported that Trump loyalists are “fine with him being left out on his own, to deal with whatever consequences he may or may not face.”

The commission zeroed in on the attorney’s activities prior to Capitol Riot during the January 6 commission.

Mike Pence’s attorney claimed that Eastman made claims of Pence holding authority to reject the official election count in a White House meeting, two days before the riot. It would have opened the door to allow Trump to remain in the office, but Pence rejected the advice.

The committee got word that Eastman sought a preemptive pardon from President Trump, but he did not get one.

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