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Former European Champion Kevin-Prince Boateng Holds First-Ever Metaverse Moon Wedding

In recent developments, European football star Kevin-Prince Boateng became the first person to hold an actual wedding in virtual reality space, the metaverse. He did this by marrying his partner Valentina Fradegrada on June 11th, pioneering a new era for the digital platform.

The footballer turned to Enzo Miccio for help with organizing his wedding. He wanted it, as he puts it “to be something different” and so reached out to create a unique and memorable experience with Italian model and businesswoman Valentina Fradegrada.

The happy couple finally tied the knot on June 11 in an emotional live wedding, with their loved ones present. German site Spox revealed that fans later attended the virtual wedding on the moon.

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The metaverse moon wedding was a huge success. The tickets cost 50 euros each and they immediately sold out, leading to success for the first wedding within the metaverse.

“I wanted something special for Valentina, something that has never existed before,” explained Boateng. “Thanks to OVER, we can celebrate our love like no one has done before, in a space location.”

Wedding organizer Enzo Miccio shared shots of the metaverse wedding on Instagram, where he also explained how it all came together.

“Imagine putting together a slightly crazy wedding planner who loves challenges and Over the Reality (the decentralized platform for the AR metaverse) and the love that unites two people such as soccer star Kevin-Prince Boateng and Valentina Fradegrada – famous influencer, entrepreneur, DJ, and five-time Wushu Kung Fu champion,” he said.

The couple wanted to make their wedding as unique and special for themselves, so they chose a wedding in the metaverse – a feat that had never been done before.

“The collaboration between us and OVER has given life to a personalized location created entirely with 3D technology,” said the organizer. “The couple, however, also wanted their fans to participate in their wedding. And so it will be. In fact, all participants will be able to access it through an exclusive NFT.”

Fans were not the only ones at the event as Miccio’s virtual avatar was also present alongside Boateng and Valentina’s pet dogs.

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