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Forever Pets Giving Pet Owners a Shot at Owning Customized NFTs Based on Their Pets

The rave has been on about NFTs for some time, but the vagueness about the space has not given many people the conviction they need to invest in it. Forever Pets NFT is, however, making its entrance into the NFT space and bringing with it all the education, information, and customization that unsure investors might need to make a move to become NFT holders.

Through its one-of-a-kind offering of customization for NFT Tokens, Pet Lovers now have good reason to get into the NFT space and own one of the tokens the Forever Pets NFT collection has on offer. “Our NFT is 100% handmade to each holder. The artwork caters to the holders and their pets. If you have a turtle, fish, dog, cat, horse, zebra, monkey, or any other animal, we will hand draw it and reveal all of them at once during launch,” the creators revealed.

Forever Pets NFT aims to create a collection that breaks out from the regular NFT collections. The creators believe pet owners can also benefit from the NFT space and have set out to create tokens that bear images of the pets they love while attaching a value to those tokens. Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, Forever Pets cost 0.16 ETH to mint, and for all the freedom and customization it gives its holders, it is a fair price point for an NFT.

As one of the first NFT projects to give holders autonomy on the creation of their NFT tokens, Forever Pets NFT is already positioned uniquely to give them a competitive edge in the current cutthroat market while attracting prospective investors and pet lovers. This unique strategy has drawn many pet owners and NFT enthusiasts to the Forever Pets community.

The Forever Pets collection is built on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and will thus give holders the voting rights to contribute to the project’s growth trajectory. Every token holder gets a say in what happens in the ForeverPets community, and holding more tokens gives them more voting rights and influence. The creators are community-oriented, and they believe that building a community of pet lovers and NFT enthusiasts can be a fruitful endeavor.

With time, Forever Pets NFT is envisaged to be one of the best performing and highly valued tokens in the NFT space. As more people become interested in the world of NFTs, the creators are also drumming up support for the value of the token to ensure everyone in the community feels like a part of a progressive community.

Learn more about Forever Pets on the official website. Follow the collection on social media via Instagram and Twitter.