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FLOKI Welcomes Dr. Amanda Kavner as Head of Crypto Education Platform Floki University

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Cryptocurrency is taking over the world of finance and investments quickly, and fast-growing coins are expanding their efforts to educate people on the opportunities in blockchain investing. Accordingly, the fast-growing cryptocurrency, FLOKI, is welcoming a tenured educator and technology expert to its ranks to ramp up its education division. 

FLOKI has been on cryptocurrency experts, traders, and investors’ radars for a while now, given how quickly it’s picking up momentum. Boasting stellar growth and indications of reliability and coin longevity, it has become one of the most popular tokens in the blockchain ecosystem. And in a move to help grow its community by equipping incoming and existing investors, the team behind the cryptocurrency has welcomed Dr. Amanda Kavner, Ph.D. to the team to head up the crypto education platform Floki University.

Dr. Kavner is an educator and technology expert who has over a decade of experience in the science of learning and classroom experiences. The tenured thought leader’s specialties include machine learning and artificial intelligence, among many others. Last April 2020, Amanda completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning at the University of Buffalo. Her focus was on Machine Learning applications and Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. 

On top of her many accolades, the doctor of education also holds a certification in Education Technology. Kavner has also worked as a secondary education public school teacher, college professor, and master teacher fellow. She has also taught STEM-based courses at the high school and university levels, including curricula like the spread of digital information and the relationship between data and society.

The technology and science educator has been featured on shows and podcasts, such as “Immersive Research Learning Network,” and served on the board for virtual reality-based, educational conferences. Dr. Amanda has also spoken in prestigious events and conferences, such as the Alliance for the Improvement of Skill Literacy for All. Dr. Kavner has expressed excitement over her warm welcome at FLOKI and intends to use her extensive experience in education to bring Floki University to the next level. 

Floki University is a project that aims to disrupt the cryptocurrency market by bringing cryptocurrency awareness and education to a greater audience. The program’s mission is to become the “de facto” of cryptocurrency education and envisions data and knowledge access on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and many more for billions of people. This educational push is part of Loki’s effort to bring more opportunities for wealth growth, job creation, and technological advancement through blockchain technology. In addition, the company behind the cryptocurrency hopes that it will pave the way for more utility projects. Within its ecosystem, there are now initiatives to start an NFT metaverse game called Valhalla that will give people the chance to earn through entertainment. There are also plans to launch FlokiPlaces, a merchandise and NFT store for aspiring and existing members of the crypto-coin community.

Currently, there are over 380,000 holders within the FLOKI community. All these people will access all functionalities and projects within the FLOKI universe. Furthermore, by welcoming professionals like Dr. Amanda Kavner to its internal team, the defi firm looks to usher in the next evolution of crypto education and adoption. 

Learn more about FLOKI by visiting its Medium blog.