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FarmShopCBD Delivering Top-Quality CBD Products to People

The discovery of CBD (cannabidiol), an organic chemical compound found in Cannabis Sativa, has turned into one of the most significant wellness industry discoveries of the decade. The demand has skyrocketed for a compound that has been suggested to show , pain-relieving, and anxiety-reducing properties. And at the forefront of the CBD movement is CBD products manufacturer and distributor FarmShopCBD.

The company is one of today’s most well-known brands of CBD products. It manufactures various CBD variants such as those in balm, spray, and oil form. At the heart of the company’s operation is a commitment to the highest level of transparency and quality. FarmShopCBD boasts a “farm to shop” guarantee. This promise means that all products sold by the company are also grown and created by the company. All processes, including seeding, vegetation, harvesting, drying, storage, and distribution, occur inhouse. The only step to its production chain that the company outsources is checking and testing to ensure no bias or lapses in quality control.

Leading FarmShopCBD is the dynamic entrepreneurial CEO Carrie Birkel. Carrie Birkel has worked extensively in the liquor industry before starting FarmShopCBD. She worked as the National Sales Manager for Seagram’s Corporation and later moved to research and develop patents and inventions for another company. Carrie also created a venture capital firm that invested in various businesses, including real estate developments, wholesale companies, and retail stores Toss Designs. 

The brains and heart of FarmShopCBD, Carrie Birkel, is more than just the company’s commanding officer. She is also a living testimony to CBD’s potential benefits. Diagnosed early on with Stage 4 Cancer that had spread to her lungs, and doctors gave Carrie only one year to live. Ready to try anything, the entrepreneur found CBD and gave it a shot. On May 1, 2020, Carrie Birkel received news that she was in full remission.

Today, Carrie Birkel seeks to help other people by providing them with the best quality CBD products through FarmShopCBD. “We created the purest product most people have seen,” declares Carrie Birkel. “Our clients rave about our products all the time. We get so many reports and testimonials on the benefits of CBD.” Today, Carrie proactively shares her story to all. Today, she lives with the assurance that she can be there for her two adult daughter’s next life milestones.

With the CBD company’s collective experience and commitment to the best quality CBD that the market has to offer, FarmShopCBD looks to change the CBD industry radically. It looks to continue championing the safe use of the product to help people with pain, ailments, anxieties, and other physiological and psychological issues.

Carrie has teamed up with Mark Urdahl.  Carrie and Mark have created a non profit arm of FarmshopCbd, Canna Research Institute.  Mark Urdahl has created Youngblood Institute, a non profit organisation which helps those with Alzheimer’s.  CRI will be starting our Breast Cancer Trials within 6 weeks, Carrie said.  You are able to reach out to or for more information.

Visit FarmShopCBD’s website and Facebook page to learn more about what the company has to offer.