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Fanged Beast NFT Deeply Connected to Real-world Issues and Bringing Them to the Fore in the NFT World

The world of NFTs has been saturated with thousands of projects, so uniqueness is a vaunted quality in new projects. Fanged Beast NFT is a new entrant to the NFT scene, and it offers 3D realistic art with more than 300 traits.

The creators of Fanged Beast NFT created the collection from scratch and have ensured that the art is nothing similar to any other existing NFT project. The project is based on a unique universe of saber-toothed tigers reappearing on earth due to global warming and playing their part in restoring the earth. Fanged Beast NFT takes the unique route of being the first project to launch a collection of  3D art pieces on the Solana blockchain. The project’s ultimate goal is to build its own metaverse on Solana, and the saber-toothed tiger characters have further roles to play in the game currently under development. “Play-to-earn games are hot right now, and we hope to implement them in our Metaverse on Solana and have tribes fight for survival,” a member of the creative team shared.

The collection comprises 10,000 saber-toothed tigers fighting for supremacy, with each character featuring traits that relate to each tribe and roles that make them unique. The project explores the ancestral and primal universe that focuses on fashion, sci-fi and futuristic art. Fanged Beast NFT opens up a universe in the metaverse, which has eight territories with tribes fighting one another for survival.

Fanged Beast NFT collection represents the real world as it exists today, where everyone is trying to survive and fighting against natural enemies and, very recently, a raging pandemic. The creators take pride in its uniqueness and hope to bank on that when the collection goes live for sale. The project has posted teaser images on Instagram and Twitter to give prospective holders an idea of what to expect. The official art with two saber-toothed tiger humanoid hybrids has been revealed on its social media pages, giving potential holders some excitement about what’s to come. 

While a launch date is yet to be announced, thousands of people have signed up to join its Discord channel to get a good chance to be on the whitelist. It’s also ramping up followers on social media, and the creative team is working round the clock to talk about what the project offers and what holders can expect once it launches.

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