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Ezra Miller Accused By Activist Parents of Grooming Their Daughter

Ezra Miller, the subject of recent attention for all wrong reasons, is facing more trouble as accusations arose that he groomed Tokata Iron Eyes– a prominent activist’s daughter who filed paperwork this week revealing their relationship put her at risk.

Miller’s parents accused him of being cult-like and psychologically manipulative. They said that he uses violence, intimidation or threat towards them for his own gain.

Miller was 23 when he first met Tokata at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota in 2016. The actor quickly took an “apparently innocent” liking to Tokata.

When Ezra Miller offered to pay for her college tuition, the girl’s parents alleged that he would use this as leverage against their daughter in an attempt to control her.

However, Tokata dropped out of school in December 2021. Tokata’s parents traveled to Miller’s home in Vermont without her bank cards, license, or keys.

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When Tokata finally made it home, she needed to detox for three weeks before reuniting with Miller. However, she would reunite with the actor, and the two flew over to Hawaii.

Sara could not contain her emotions and expressed them through this social media platform Twitter.

“My family is living a nightmare,” she tweeted. “#EzraMiller has brainwashed my daughter Tokata Iron Eyes, physically assaulted her, is perpetuating cult-like behaviors and emotional abuse. Ezra’s dangerous behaviors are escalating with no accountability from #WarnerBros #MMIW”

In the last seven days, Tokata joined Instagram and quickly built up a following of thousands. In one video, it was shown that she is with Miller. Another post gave context to the ordeal with a lengthy statement.

On June 8, Sara Jumping Eagle tweeted that Tokata has not had her phone since January. She accused the actor of controlling her daughter’s social media account and asked the help of the Twitter community for information on Tokata’s whereabouts.

The judge has issued a protective order that will prevent Miller from harassing or approaching the Iron Eyes family. However, he cannot be served due to his unknown location. 

A hearing is scheduled for July 12.

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Ezra Miller Accused of Grooming a Girl For Six Years