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Esoteric Collection Proves “There’s More to Art Than Galleries and Museums”

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

The art industry is a tenacious field. Most of the time, the audiences see the value and hard work behind artists’ success at the surface level. What many don’t witness is the struggles one has to endure to take his place in the industry. Esoteric Collection aims to bridge the gap between artists and audiences by providing innovative opportunities created for modern creatives.

Founded by artist, collector, and art enthusiast Aaron Von Ossko, Esoteric Collection is truly helping artists build their careers amid the industry’s heavily-saturated community. Dubbed as the “art crusader” by Kulture Hub, Aaron has played a pivotal role in turning artists’ visions into realities. Through its founder’s “anti-gallery” model, artists get straight exposure for their artworks, skipping the traditional gallery shows and maximizing modern platforms. 

The Esoteric Collection has worked with promising artists across the east and west coasts such as Britney Palmer, hosting her art show in Miami. The collection professionally executes a vision, a collaboration between the artist and the founder himself. Today, Aaron is working with over 20 creative visionaries, providing them with practical steps to take in their careers.

Esoteric Collection currently houses over 100 works of art, an eclectic collection of masterpieces from artists across the country. Additionally, the collection has been featured by the Art Basel and the L.A. Art Show, giving both artists and their works national exposure and recognition. “Our mission is to assist artists in supporting their creative efforts by providing media outreach and career development services to connect artists with larger audiences,” shared the founder. 

Besides Britney Palmer, the Esoteric collection has also worked with renowned artists such as Retna, Gregory Siff, King Saladeen, and many more. The collection has created events in some of the country’s largest cities, such as Los Angeles and Miami. Indeed, the collection is home to the new generation of creatives under the strong and forward-thinking leadership of its founder. 

Aaron shared that his troubled past motivated him to take action for today’s artists who need the opportunity. The founder experienced a challenging childhood with his father, who, in his words, was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. Amid all his frustrations, he would sketch for hours and use whatever medium was available to let out his emotions. Art became his primary refuge against all the pain in his world.

Today, the founder assists artists in developing their careers by merging his expertise in business with his eye to spot talent. Esoteric Collection shapes careers at the grassroots level, believing that talent and passion can come from people of any background.

“I’m giving other artists a voice, I’m giving them exposure,” said the founder. Esoteric Collection is aiding the cycle of creativity, love, exposure, and happiness among artists. The collection inspires them to focus on what they do best—creating. Aaron saw there was a need for someone like him to take action and do the groundwork. “I know that little things that I’m doing are actually making a difference in other people’s lives and that’s that bottom line,” Aaron remarked. 

To learn more about the Esoteric Collection, visit this site.