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Emerging Top Model Aissata Diallo Talks Career Challenges and Calling Out Fohr

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Her face has graced the Instagram feeds of big brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and Revolve. Aissata Diallo is a model and a full-time content creator focused on beauty, fashion, travel, and everything related to lifestyle. With over 242,000 followers on Instagram, she has been fortunate enough to build great relationships with some of her favorite brands. Now, she is ready to give back and pave the way for others to follow the same path.

With only her own power to rely on, Aissata Diallo was able to grow a social media presence and work with some of the biggest brands in the world, all on her own. It took her years to establish herself in her community and to create a loyal following that engaged with her content constantly. Over the years, she has learned a great deal about crafting one’s image on social media and building successful relationships with reputable brands.

Her success and her community have inspired her to use her knowledge and influence to use her website to create an online class soon to help those who want to start out in social media. Aissata Diallo laments not having the privilege of a resource when she first started out years ago, which is what drives her to help others who don’t know where to start or are feeling lost in navigating the paths and pitfalls in social media content creation. Aissata wants to help other social media enthusiasts and aspiring models to grow their audience and book campaigns with brands.

As a mentor, Aissata Diallo will be giving her personal tips on branding and creating content, thoroughly checking her mentees’ brand/social media presence to help them elevate it. One critique of content creation that she hears often is that the business is saturated, and many aspiring social media influencers often feel the same and quit before they even start. Aissata Diallo wants to emphasize the message of staying true to oneself and building a brand around one’s unique personality and capabilities.

Aissata knows that content creation and social media influencing is a full-time job. Many influencers and aspirants sacrifice plenty of things to be able to get to where they are. Knowing the challenges that lie ahead for small creators—such as the constant pressure to deliver—Aissata Diallo created her outlet to help small content creators create a bigger influence.

As an African American content creator, Aissata believes that she has a responsibility to speak out when her voice is needed. She has been a voice for fairness in pay gaps, racism, and algorithms that keep black influencers from excelling. In an interview with Glossy, she spoke about how black content creators often have to support one another because of the lack of support that they get from their respective platforms.

Along with other black influencers, Aissata Diallo is part of a movement that is holding brands and companies accountable amid the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. White influencers are often paid significantly more than black creators and influencers. As a collective, they created a Facebook page group where they share rates and gather information about brands.

Furthermore, in their effort of demanding transparency and equality in the industry, Aissata Diallo and seven other women influencers have created the #openfohr hashtag and Instagram page to hold marketing platform Fohr accountable for their actions, calling on the company to release information on the amounts paid to white and black influencers, the company’s staff diversity statistics, and other relevant issues.

Aissata Diallo is not only a valuable influencer and representation to black women all over the world, but she is also a strong voice in the movement toward racial equality in social media circles.

Read more about Aissata on her blog and stay up-to-date with her on Instagram.